EasyWDW vs UG

Funny that they recommend different best parks each day - I’m gonna go with UG since I’ve used them in the past, but seems so many others on different boards use easyWDW - have you tried both out - which do u think is the better predictor?

Easy wdw always puts EMH parks are least recommended. But if onsite you will prob want to use EMH Thats the main difference. I stay offsite so easywdw suits me better for picking park days but I use TP to make plans.

I go with UG for two reasons:

Easy’s predictions seem more wishy-washy to me, couched in generalities rather than hard data and analysis. I know that they have been relying more on data than in the past, but I don’t think that they have the wealth of data or the stats team that UG does.

UG are very transparent about their methods and the data they use, including having a weekly review of how their predictions did. I know of no other park recommender that does that - most make predictions and then quickly forget them.


Will do - thanks

Yes my last day MK has eEMH and UG has it as a suggested park and easyWDW has it as least favorite to hit

This is why I don’t use easyWDW touring advice. Early EMH is a great way to get almost all of the headliners done in a given park by lunchtime- and their ‘theory’ is that you should avoid those parks. Since their ‘theory’ doesn’t mesh well with my actual experiences- I don’t even bother looking at their recommendations because their recommendations are flawed (IMHO) from the very start. Love the site otherwise- great trip reports, etc- but I avoid their touring plans like the plague.

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Which specific day?

I try and balance both, while being cognizant of why. I also look at the crowd number. If one is saying to avoid a park because of EMH but it is a 2 compared to a day that is recommended as a 1, I figure I can handle that. Maybe one “recommended” day is a party day, so the MK closes at 7 while being inundated with crowd guests at 4, it may be a 1, but I’ll skip it for longer hours another day.

Many people will pick an am EMH park, hit it at rope drop, then take a break to eat at a buffet that serves “brunch” (first plate is breakfast, then the lunch service starts and the next trip to the buffet is lunch)

What is UG, may I ask???

Unofficial Guide - that’s the brand name of the guidebooks that are written by the TouringPlans people.

duh!!! UG just caught me off guard. LOL
Thank you. :blush: