easyWDW Josh’s Opening Cabana Bay Review

Yesterday’s Saturday Six Tribute to Josh included the following link:


A little outdated, but a great read.


It took a while for me to get his humor but now that i get it, looks like he liked it! Lol


RIP Josh.

I love Cabana Bay for its great value on family suites. Almost a 1BR, with a 3-way split bathroom with separated toilet, separated shower/sink/small vanity, and sink/large vanity area. Effective 1.5+ baths. Stayed there a couple times recently, rooms are in decent shape, lazy river is a differentiator, and plan to go back again this year. My only beefs were lack of a freezer compartment in fridge, long walk between the 2 halves of the resort, and long checkin lines on a Sunday but not Tuesday.