Easy to add park days?

Hello. I currently have ten day tickets for our upcoming trip, but may only do eight park days. I’m going to call and change it to eight days, but how easy is it to add days once there? Is the price going to be the same? And what is the process? Thanks!

As far as I understand it, it’s easy to add park days but you must do it before you use your last day. Also, I think 10 days is around the time that people start looking at annual passes. If you think there’s any chance you could return within a year it might be worth pricing an annual pass. You can apply your ticket towards an annual pass while you’re there, but again, you have to do it before you use the last day.

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It’s very simple - just go to any ticket window or guest relations location. The price will be the same unless ticket costs go up between now and when you do the upgrade.

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Thank you both!