Easter Weekend Crowds 2022 - April 17

Any thoughts on whether Easter being later in the year in 2022 will help moderate crowds for that week? … Or will that weekend and the days around it be second to Christmas break in terms of crowds?

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It will most likely be more crowded (yep second to Christmas/NY week.)

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Was wondering the same about the days before and after Easter in 2022. TP website describes Easter as an incredibly busy week (yes, next to Christmas/Thanksgiving), but when you look at the predicted crowd calendar, some days before Easter (like April 8-11th) and then actually over Easter weekend dip down to reasonable numbers of 4/5s. Why would the predicted levels be that low, if historically, it’s always so darn busy? Am trying to figure out when we can go and have to deal with school breaks so it’s kind of either Thanksgiving time or Easter time. I really don’t want to be in heavy crowded places (I know it’s based on lines and not on the feel). Went before Thanksgiving a few years ago and it wasn’t too bad. Thoughts?

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I’m wondering about the week following Easter, too. Disney fan sites say that the week before and after Easter are usually crazy busy but I looked at the TP crowd levels for Easter week over the past few years and the crowd levels are all over the place- anywhere from 2-3 (!) to 8-10. TP predicted crowds for the days right before and the week after Easter 2022 are likewise all over the place (3-7), with the majority being in the middle. What do I believe???

Liners that have gone to Disney in the week before and after Easter: PLEASE share what your experience was like with regards to crowds. If you can, please also indicate the year you went so I can compare your feels-like experience with the crowd levels reported that year.

We haven’t been back to DW since Christmas 2019 and I’m desperate to make our return trip AWESOME but am reluctant to go during epic, Christmas-week like crowd levels.

Hopefully, some liners will chime in with their experiences. Some have already mentioned that because Easter is so late this year, that knocks off a lot of the usual school spring break crowds and that can be why the predicted crowds are lower in 2022. I decided to do a shorter trip later in the month in the hopes that the crowds, overall, just won’t be so terrible. Good luck with your planning.

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I posted this in another thread, maybe I should have just posted here, but I read the other one first.

In 2017, @SteveBloom wrote an excellent blog about how TP gathers data from many schools over several years, for their many school breaks that happen during a calendar year. You can see how various areas have different relationships between the timing of Easter and spring break (whether the school break moves or stays in place).

In Iowa, several decades ago, it seemed like the only K-12 schools with spring breaks were in college towns (with larger colleges). In the past couple of decades it seems like the state universities have coordinated better on exactly which week to have off, and so have the K-12 schools near them - and more of the smaller districts now have spring breaks, too.