Easter crowds

We heading to the world for first time this Easter😆 Days are basically 10 /10 so are anticipating major crowds . Any tips other than getting there for RD?

Be patient, Have a plan, but be flexible to adjust it on the spot. Use a line wait app like Lines.


Get there well before RD so that you are among the first in. Take a break during peak hours. If you want to go to a park with EMH, be sure that you are going to actually take full advantage of them, i.e. be at the park before mEMH RD or stay throughout all of the eEMH.

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Flexibility and realistic expectations. I have been in tommorow land @1.30 on a 10 at Easter. Space was 4 hrs. Trying to get out of the area was horrendous. You couldn’t see the ground. Leave Mk by 12.30 and don’t return until after 5 is my advice.

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Totally agree with everything said. I’ve been to Disney several times and will be there this year. I can’t strive the importance of rope drop. By 12:30 MK is crazy, but by then we have rocked the park and are headed to pool.

Make some good touring plans and get Fastpasses to your favorite things.

Agree! We were in MK last Easter and had a fabulous day. Arrived at 6:30 am for EMH, left right after the FOF parade that we watched from the FPP area near the gates (makes for an easy exit). We came back around 5 and stayed until midnight. Crowds didn’t both us one bit!