Easter 2020

Booking an Easter trip last minute. Have stayed with the kids (DD 16 and DS 11) at the contemporary, yacht club and grand floridian. We haven’t been since the summer of 2016. The kids’ favorite was the contemporary. I would love to stay at the Polynesian with them, but all rooms seem to be booked. I’ve booked AKL savannah view but thinking about switching to the boardwalk for proximity to HS and Epcot. My kids love animal kingdom but not sure they will love staying at the lodge. Help! Does anyone think rooms might open up with cancellations at the Polynesian? What do you think of the Boardwalk?

Thank you!

Love the Boardwalk. Great access to HS and Epcot.


I am curious why you don’t think your kids will like AKL? The Boardwalk is nice. You do have to go to the Boardwalk for dining, you cannot beat the walk to two parks and there are magicians and other entertainers at night. I prefer the AKL pool (not fancy) but you also can go to Kidani and the QS. Generally, there are activities scheduled throughout the day…plus giraffes!

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I think they will love the animals and having a savannah view but I don’t think they will like having to take the bus everywhere and not being able to walk. Also, I’m not sure they will like the restaurants there. I personally love Boma but both of my kids are gluten free and as I was reading through the allergy menus I’m not sure they will be happy. Walking to Epcot and close proximity to HS I think will be preferable. Thank you for the feedback!

I think that’s a good choice… I stayed at boardwalk in high school with my parents and it was great!

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I’m staying at the Boardwalk with DS17 for the first time over Easter. I picked it mainly for the proximity to Epcot (Flower and Garden is on), and HS for multiple visits to Galaxy’s Edge. Lots of good food options in the area, too.

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Love the Boardwalk area. Proximity to HS/Epcot is a bonus. Nothing like getting up early and having a cup of coffee as the Sun is coming up or strolling at night watching the performers. Not to knock AKL, it’s a great resort, and probably cheaper. I prefer the Lodge Vs Kidani. Who doesn’t love animals on Savanna.

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I switched to Boardwalk. I think we will be doing multiple visits to HS for Galaxy’s edge and they will like strolling around the boardwalk and Epcot at night since we got park hoppers. Thank you all!