Easter 2016 ~ where can I find out information?

All I can find is them saying, keep checking the Disney blog for updates. Is there any ADR, I should be trying to book ahead of time. DS 8 and DD 12. They would like to do an easter egg hunt (I heard you can buy a book of stickers and do a scavenger hunt in years past?)

This is our first trip and this will be our first full day at the park. We are getting in around noon, and planning on doing HS and Fantasmic our first night. Any suggestions or direction on what is the best way to experience EASTER at Disney in 2016. Thanks for any direction and insight.

Adrs for Easter are already released and pretty much booked up. There may be Eastet Sunday special meals to be released but dining is booking up to May. Most Easter stuff is Sunday only and I don’t recall HS participating. Egg hunt was Epcot and you meet the Easter bunny at MK.

We stayed last year at BC and there was a candy scramble (easter) for the kids. :smile:

If you are hoping to eat at a table service restaurant you should make those reservations today!