Easter 2015

I have been looking everywhere for information about Easter 2015 activities? We will be at Hollywood Studios that day. Does anybody know anything?

I’ve never really heard of much in the way of Easter special activities, other than it’s the one day out of the year that church services are available on property (at the CR, I believe). It’s likely to be very crowded, so make sure you’re there at RD and have your FPPs selected.

I believe Epcot does an egg hunt as well but I’m not sure.

Easter Bunny should be at MK.

We are going this coming week, and the Easter Bunny is listed as being in Town Square at Magic Kingdom. I’m assuming he’ll be there up until the day of.

Sorry, my last Easter in Disney World was quite awhile ago (you can see my sister at work in the Grand Floridian candy scramble from 1989): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoxfIbUUWtw, but I’m curious what they do now.

We visited WDW last year for Easter. So much fun. We met Mr & Mrs Easter Bunny at MK, we had a photo taken with them an were given an easter treat! The MK had a special Easter Parade which I think was before the afternoon parade. You can find you tube videos.
Epcot had an Easter Egg hunt which I believe was a sticker pack. When you found an egg you marked it with the matching sticker on a special Epcot map. You could then collect a gift for getting them all correct.
Resorts had Easter Egg displays and various events. At POFQ we had cupcake decorating, egg races, “Easter Candy scramble on the green”, Character meet & greets and more…

I agree that it has been very difficult to find out events offered around/on Easter in Disney. Here is some info on the Epcot Easter Egg Hunt at these 2 spots http://disneyworldenthusiast.com/2015/03/11/disney-world-easter-2015/ and http://www.axs.com/disney-parks-announces-egg-stravaganza-its-easter-egg-hunt-to-return-i-42802
I’ve seen that there are some Easter brunches offered at Captian’s Grille, Chef Mickey’s and a few others-- but I’m not finding food offerings or prices.

This isn’t a ton, but if you look through it, you can find some info on Easter in Disney http://destinationsinflorida.com/blog/2015/03/18/walt-disney-world-news-update-march-18-2015/
It is so frustrating-- Easter is 2 weeks away, why is this so hard to find info. I can find lots of articles/info on past Easters at WDW, but this year, not much.

I’m pretty certain the MK resorts have M&Gs, mickey & minnie, chip, dale. the resorts used to also offer basket wrapping as a side note. You can purchase items from gift shop or bring your own and have it placed in basket and wrapped. (similar to a present wrapping station.) We did this 2 years back, it was less than $20, a plain white basket, and clear cellophane. It took awhile when we dropped stuff off, until it was ready. It s fun to Meet Easter and Mrs Bunny at MK as mentioned.