Easter 2015 Park Hours

So I have run and compared park hours for Easter for years 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Easter fell/falls on April 8, 2012, March 31, 2013, April 21, 2014, April 5, 2015.

Last year Easter came later-- April 20— and the MK park hours were MUCH shorter than in 2012 and 2013. MK Park hours for 2012 and 2013 were 7 EMH/ 8-12/ 3 EMH vs.
8 EMH/ 9-11/1 EMH-for 2014 and 8 EMH/9-11 (this year 2015)


  1. Because Easter this year is falling more like 2012 & 2013, falling the first week of April— what are the chances/hope that the hours will be changed/extended?

  2. Aside from a day change to extended hours, what is the history, or when would you expect the hours to MK for this Easter week being revised/extended?

  3. With last year being late, they still had EMH til 1am— so could I at least think that EMH til 1 am would occur this year on Easter Sunday?

Thanks all!

I did that same searching yesterday! I will be watching the park hours like a hawk as we get closer. I wouldn’t be surprised if they opened MK earlier. I’m hoping, anyway. We love 7am rd!

WDW typically releases the “final” park hours a couple of weeks before the month in question. See http://blog.touringplans.com/2011/07/18/interpreting-park-hours/ for more info on this.

Thanks, article was helpful, but it is from July 2011. Also, I read it over a year ago— still IT IS a good explanation and reminder for me.

I would be interested in new stats. ( it’s the math girl in me which actually started my “research” of the past 3 Easter weeks compared to 2015 projected)

Thanks, I’m on crowd tracker for the week. It’s awesome that touring plans has that component, it has helped me on numerous trips.

When I was monitoring a trip planned for last December the timetable outlined in the Blog post still held - in mid-November the December calendar was updated to the “final” hours - so I believe that WDW is still adhering to that schedule


I’m awaiting the same news and looking foward to modifying my TPs to accomodate 7am RD at MK. We were there last year for the week leading up to Easter (4/20/14), with checkout on 4/19/14. The MK hours were changed on March 14th and the MK had 7am RD all week. The change in hours was 5 weeks before our trip. So I expect the hours to change for Easter week on or about 2/27.

FWIW, I’ve done Easter week twice (2012 & another year in the distant past) & both times it was 7am EMH all week every day at MK… which means that Easter week you pretty much need to stay on-site if you’re going to do 7am EMH. In 2012, I remember the hours didn’t switch to 7am until maybe a month or so before… which had me re-doing all of my TPs.

In my experience, 7am EMH is the absolute best time to do zero-wait walk-on touring for a good 2-3 hours, as one remains a step or two ahead of the crowd the whole time. Of course, once 11am-noon hits, it’s a mad house, but still even then you can do peoplemover & tiki room & hall of presidents & all the short-wait stuff – or take a break & come back later.

Thanks all. That’s what I am hoping and planning for.

Thanks. I should have said 7am EMH instead of 7am RD. Good clarification.

When you all are talking about “Easter Week” it appears you are talking about the week leading up to Easter. Is that correct? 7am openings last year were the week before Easter, not Easter Week. Easter week is the period of seven days from Easter Sunday through the Saturday following. Just wanting to clarify so folks following this thread understand which week you are talking about.

I, personally, am NOT talking about the week LEADING up to Easter in my comments-- All of my comments and data that I have used start with Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, (April 5–11) etc. I am looking at the times and EMHs from Easter Sunday, April 8, 2012 week and Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013— and comparing those hours to this year’s Easter 2015. (I have looked at Easter 2014, but Easter came later last year-- on April 21-- so my focus is more with 2012 and 2013) But much of this discussion still would apply-- the hours for 2012 &2013 leading up to Easter were also 7am EMH, as well as the days after Easter. <have I muddled this up even more with my explanation? sorry about that>

oh, goodness, I never took it as anything-- I was just saying what dates I was looking at— since I am going on April 5-- obviously, those are the dates I’m looking at— no offense taken-- I am sorry if it came out that way (I was actually trying to post while my students were doing something-- who knows how it came out-- so sorry! ) No harm as far as I am concerned. I only capitalized so others would know which week I meant. so so sorry about that. Ok, my next library class is entering now, so I do hope this comes out ok :smile: <ok, my 4th graders are here-- now I need to get into Librarian mode>

< :smiley: ok, my 4th graders are here-- now I need to get into Librarian mode>

Hey, everything is good. I did not take any offense at your post. I too, was just clarifying which dates I was mainly focused on. Have a marvelous and magical day.

Hey, no problem. I was getting ready for a conference call and I read your post quickly and I should have not done that. My family will be there the same week. I am certainly watching these hours closely so that we can take advantage of some early days…especially the day we have a CRT breakfast! You have a magical day too!

I can’t speak for anyone else, but my comments were about the week after (of) Easter. Good Friday was the first day of our vacation each time. But my trips were when Easter was in early April, not late April. These correspond to when NYC schools are off, which is almost always the week of/after Easter.

Drum roll please. Hours have been extended for April 5-11. 7am EMH and closing at 1am (sat april 11 til 3am) So, here we go— I know they could change some more-- I would love EMH evening hours.

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oh, Saturday April 11 doesn’t have morning EMH, it opens at 8am-1am/ then EMH til 3am