Early Savi's Time Before Park Opening

I searched for this, but didn’t see an answer. Upcoming WDW trip, I want to build another Savi’s saber. Found a couple days, where reservations are available at 8:25 AM, where early park entry is 8:30, regular entry 9:00. I will likely be staying on-property, Sept 11-19, crowd levels about 2 every day.

Since Savi’s requires you to check in at least 15 min prior, to do saber selection and such, I assume CM’s will let you into the park (and GE) extra early for this? How does that work?

Finally, with such an early time, and a 20 minute experience, it should be complete by 8:45 or so, which I think would still be early enough to get in some other top lines (SDD?) immediately after with smaller waits.

Is this a good strategy??

I can’t speak to the rest of it but I wouldn’t count on getting into any of the big ticket rides after - basically everybody goes to either Slinky Dog or Rise when the rope drops, I think even by 8:45 you’d be looking at a significant wait.

No. It is not. Use the early entry time for rides. Do Savi’s in the middle of the day when wait times for rides are higher. This isn’t an experience you’ll want to rush through. You’ll be behind the EE folks in long lines even if you finish before 9:00.

I actually would be willing to bet that they dial the opening hours back and that you don’t end up pre-park with that. I’m not sure we’ve seen anything offer pre-park-opening reservations yet since the pandemic.

Thank you to you both. It’s always a challenge to fine-tune plan a WDW trip. But it’s changed so much over the last 2 years since I was there last. And it looks like it’s changing AGAIN somewhat for this fall, like these pre-park opening times, and different park times from what they’ve been this last year.

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Of note, I arrive late on 9/17 :slight_smile: Will be at the Halloween party on 9/18 and at EP on 9/19.

Nice. Doing MNSSHP on Sep 11th. Not sure yet when exactly my last day will be, sometime 16-19th

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