Early rides at MK

Does anyone know what rides are open early at Magic Kingdom if we get there at 7? Besides 7dmt. Like are Adventureland and Frontierland open?

Usually 7DMT, Splash, BTMRR, Space, maybe Pirates. If you ask over on WDW Lines Chat, you can get on the ground intel.


Peter Pan usually opens early, too, but usually a few minutes after those others. So a published 8am opening, PP will usually open at 7:30

Splash didn’t open until 8 when we were there in early May, but it could have just been down that morning.

Alright y’all got the official list of what opens early from a helpful employee. BTMR, pirates, Pan, 7dmt, space and that’s it

this is from @jennyturin in her live trip report

That’s all of em. 7dmt didn’t open till 730 either

My complaint with this is that unlike DHS and AK they let you in before the rides are open but didn’t have an outside line formed for BTMR (was one for Jungle Cruise I saw and 7dmt had one when we went the other day) so though we were 2nd there all these people bogarted when they opened cuz they made us stand across the way. DH says I shouldn’t complain about a 3 min wait lol but I think they should form lines if they are gonna let you in before the first ones open.


I was there in early May and Buzz Light Year Space Ranger Spin opened at 7:45ish.

In case you wondered the People Mover didn’t open until 8:00. That’s what we were trying to ride first. Lines were getting to 40mins later in the day.

My plan is 7D followed by PPF - feel like that usually is successful - and they are close to each other so easy to reroute if one is down