Early rides at MK today

Good morning from MK!
FYI: This is our second MK trip this week and at early entry, this is the second time 7DMT won’t open until 8. Space also didn’t let folks on until 7:30.


When i was there a few weeks ago, that was about the same. I was in the park by around 7:15-ish, on Space Mountain around 7:30-ish or so (because it opened to guests around 7:30). I was there for PM, but since it didn’t open, I was able to do SM, Buzz Lightyear, and Astro Orbiter all before 8:00. PM opened shortly thereafter.

Can’t remember - does MDE show which are open (like with an updated 5 min wait time) or do you just have to make a choice and go - hoping to not get screwed?

Check the threads here and on the Lines app. You’ll get a good sense of what’s open early.

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It is not in the MDE app. Wait times won’t start showing up until official opening times unfortunately. When I was there on Jun 3 and walked to HM cuz TP said do that next after we did BTMR before official open, the HM Cast member told me early opening options were BTMR, PoC, Space and 7DMT and Peter Pan. So I did waste a few min walking to/from a closed attraction because I nor Lines knew what was open early.

What’s PM?

People Mover.

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Could be that they are returning to the old rope drop method. I saw they did that at Epcot this week. No more open rides 30-45 minutes early. They are holding people and opening ride lines closer to park opening times.

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