Early planning

Hello! I’m just getting started planning a trip for Aug 2022. Haven’t been since 2019, so am totally not in the know re: all the changes due to COVID. I’ll use search to try to figure out most stuff, but a few initial questions:

  1. When do you think you’d start really planning for Aug '22 given how things are changing/reopening now? I feel like I’m not sure what things are going to look like a couple months from now, let alone a year from now.
  2. Our Disney planner recommended we book park reservations asap. I did this, but sort of randomly. Normally, I’d select days based on special events that we were attending/not attending (e.g., not book MK on a MNSSHP day if we aren’t attending), crowd predictions etc. Is this just impossible at this point?
  3. Is there a day that is advantageous to start your trip? Last time we did Universal for a couple days first and checked in on a Sunday. I felt like FP were hard to get because anyone’s trip that started on a Fri or Sat already had access. Is this in my head?

Thanks in advance!

I haven’t done much planning for our week after Thanksgiving 2021 trip. There is way too much changing very quickly. We have our park reservations booked and have park hoppers, so I’m not really worried about what day is best for each. Who knows at this point. I’ve started writing down some restaurants/menus because our 60 days is in September, but I don’t know if those menus will end up changing. So yeah, planning long term is tough.

We typically travel to DW on a Saturday.

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We are going in beginning June '22. We also havn’t been for a veeeerrrryy long time, so I’m reacquainting myself to all the ride, shows, food as if they will all be open when we go. that’s how I’m fiddling with the touring plans as well. But, yes, I know that everything is changing weekly so it’s hard to start nailing things down. As far as park ressies, I’m just randomly assigning them as they seem to flow. There really isn’t any other factors until the parks start adding them in.
Since you’ve been more recently than I, I’m sure you can take a bit more time and gauge as more info comes out. Maybe I’d check on the park availability more often though, just to make sure that nothing closes out to you.

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I would start loosely planning now, with the mindset that everything will be back to “normal” in so far as the current conditions are – everything should be open, available and running. Several rides that are under construction now should be open by then as well. We’re planning a trip for either May or October 2022 and as soon as we nail that down I’ll be in full planner mode.

It can’t hurt to book something now as a placeholder and adjust as your plans firm up. Go with general recommendations, like avoid EP on the weekends during a festival, that sort of thing.

this is an interesting question – I had never thought about it before, but it makes some sense. I thought that most people started their vacations on Sunday (it always seems to be a busy check in-check out day at the hotels). My perspective is purely anecdotal though.

I you are going to do USF again this trip, I’d do USF on Sat and Sun staying at a Premier Sat night. My logic is that the included EP’s will make it so that you won’t notice the weekend crowds.
My crystal ball says that it will still be more crowded than say Aug 2019.

I’d book hotels first. Knowing that you can change if the price lowers or you’d rather stay somewhere else. For our Jan 2022 trip I have two booking depending on whether we want on-site or off-site. At this moment, I don’t know if on-site is worth it.

I wish I still had my 2020 Unofficial guide. I’d gotten rid of it just before the lockdown because I had a 2021 on pre-order. But, now I’d like to read it to get a feel for what Jan 2022 might be like.