Early planning, rough park days - sound reasonable?

Hi all

Further to my recent post, I’ve been doing some rough planning and think I have come up with a potential plan to work on in more detail. Appreciate any comments or advice before I get into a lot more detail!

Background: DH, DS (8), DD (5) and I. We have 7 day tix that are park hoppers. WDW is the first leg of a long trip through the US and our first stop, so need to assume jet lag will play its part somewhere :frowning:
I’ve looked at the current advice for EMH (we are staying on site) so trying to use that to our advantage as well.
It’s likely we will incorporate some rest, returns to our accommodation in these plans during the day but this is just a rough schedule so I can start the finer detail.

Dec 2 - arrive late in the day so a non park day
Dec 3 - MK casual day, don’t think I’ll set this in stone and make hard and fast plans, might just take it by ear with jetlag but i know we will all be keen to start adventuring!
Dec 4 - AK
Dec 5 - HS
Dec 6 - MK (DD has an early morning, before park opens booking at BBB) so will factor in a longer break during the day, then head back for afternoon/evening
Dec 7 - Epcot
Dec 8 - Lazy morning and early afternoon, spend time checking out Christmas displays etc at other resorts and around DS. Evening MVMCP
Dec 9 - AK
Dec 10 - Move to Universal in the afternoon, but perhaps some more Disney Springs time or visit a park for the morning that we really enjoyed?

This is our first visit, so just trying to get an idea of the best plan of attack for us all!

Many thanks

I think you’re better off having your break day more in the middle. 5 days of park touring, even with that break you talk about on the 2nd MK day, is hard! I like that you’re starting out slow and casual and really taking into consideration the effect jet lag may have on you all. MVMCP is a late night so I would plan a late start the day after that.

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The Unofficial Guide suggests you do Epcot, AK, and then HS before MK if you are traveling with kids. They state that after MK, the little ones are “underwhelmed” by the other parks. Just something to keep in mind.

My boys will be 5 and 8 on our trip and due to EMH days, we will visit the parks in this order: AK, HS, Epcot, MK. So it just works out that we will visit MK last, but honestly, I don’t think it will be their favorite park anyway. That said, the Unofficial Guide has far more experience at giving good advice, so it is certainly worth considering for your family.

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Thanks OBNurseNH - would you suggest I switch Epcot and the MVMCP dates around? I havent got my tix yet so could do. Would allow a late start to the day and cruise around before the afternoon/evening party?

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Thanks Kristievcat - yes i had seen that recommendation about the order but I’m assuming we will only really feel like a casual day after flying 20+ hours and I thought given plans to visit MK again in more detail it might be a good one to do casually.
I might do a day at AK to start - sounds like there will be lots to look at even if we don’t do heaps of rides and switch it out for another MK day.

We’re doing world showcase (and the few key rides) on our first day for this reason. We land at 11pm the evening before… so easy does it on the first day, with or without jetlag!

I can easily see either epcot or AK being our favourite park. I’ve got plans to visit every park twice (except HS, because star wars), and our last day I’ve got dinner ressie out of the parks, and hopefully getting breakfast sorted, but haven’t planned a park yet. Logic is telling me I need to plan for MK, but I have a feeling it’s probably going to be voted epcot or AK. I guess I’ll have a plan B and C to run with :smiley:

Adding: I read somewhere the jetlag is the worst on the second day/night. Extra coffee that day!

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Thanks ladythomas - I can see AK probably being DS favourite but MK for the little miss! Hence factoring a couple of days in for each of those. Ahhhh so many decisions :upside_down_face:

I’ve done that trip to US East Coast several times and it is often day 2 or 3 if the jet lag is going to hit that it comes with force. I think often because you expect it on the first day you cope no matter the time;)
I’ve just never done it with kids so that’s a whole other challenge I feel :crossed_fingers:t2:

I would suggest you have a rest day on 12/5, however you need to make it happen. I know you have BBB right now early morning - I wonder if you could change that? Also, if you’re planning any pool time, you won’t want to have it after BBB! After BBB you’ll want her to stay “just right” I’m sure.

BBB is Dec 6 - is that your suggested rest day? You’re right, no pool time after all that tizzying up​:wink::smiley:

No, my suggested rest day is 12/5. You currently have HS scheduled for that day. If you can move BBB to 12/5, that’s what I would do since your plan suggests getting dolled up, hanging out for the day and going to MK for late afternoon/evening.

Edited: This would set you up Park, Park, Rest(ish), Park, Park, Rest (lazy day). That would be most advisable IMO.

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Where are you flying from? If it’s from Europe the jet lag shouldn’t be that big of a deal as you are going west. Effectially by your internal clock you will be staying up late, then having a good lie-in, but you will be waking up early per local time.

Flying in from Australia, currently the time difference is 14 hours

OK, coming from Oz you are going to have some serious jet lag. :frowning:

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You may want to plan an early day after you arrive. You will be tired and fall asleep early. You may also wake up hours before any parks open. My problem when I traveled to California was staying awake late. You could always go back to a park later in the evening after a rest.

thanks Gabmom, the plan for the first day will be to take it as it comes - if we are up early we will go early, if we sleep late and go late then that’s what we will do.
I’m keeping that day very fluid to allow for us to acclimate to the time.



My experience with drastic time changes (e.g. UK to China) is to immediately switch to local time and grind it out. It can make for a tough day, but you adjust quicker and get the misery done in one day.

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Yes brklink I agree, thats always my philosophy too. While we will switch to normal/local time, i still want to make allowances in our planning for it. With two kids, one of whom doesn’t cope with anything when tired, I don’t want to make it harder on ourselves than needs be and turn into one of “those” parents in the parks :wink: complaining at their kids from the get go!

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