Early Park Admission Hour

I’m struggling to decide where I want to spend my early park admission. Assuming both parks will be open early in September. I’ve only ever gone when universal had it not IOA. I love spending time in diagon alley with low crowds but I also want to ride Hagrids. I am getting an express pass and want to get everything on my list done by 1 pm ish. Here is the plan.
Diagon alley exploration
Leaky cauldron breakfast
Join virtual line or actual line for Hagrids
Forbidden journey
JP River
(Maybe be called for Hagrids if didn’t ride?)
Train back
Bourne stuntacular

Is this the best way or is it better to rush to Hagrids to save the most time but sacrifice low crowds in DA?


I like your plan but the timing might be difficult, even with EP. If virtual queue is running when you are there, I liked VQ better than rope dropping as a strategy. If you do rope drop Hagrid’s, you need to be right at the front of the pack.

There won’t be low crowds in DA during early hour - it will still feel crowded from the moment it opens (less so than Hogsmeade though). So I wouldn’t worry about that too much.

I mean lower crowds than mid day. Also it is a Monday in September.

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Pretty sure in September only USF will offer EPA, this is historically what’s happened when HHN is offered.


I had just noticed in late August it looks like it switches. Thanks. That makes the choice easy. My TP stays the same then.

Of course it’s historically that, so keep an eye out things can change!

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I have had fantastic early hour experiences in DA when it is practically empty. That’s usually the time I choose to do all my spells because there are so few people. Is that not the case anymore? I’ll be sad if that’s a thing of the past.


Yes it was empty for us too last trip.

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That has been how it is for me too but I always go during the “off season”.

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To be fair, when I was there in May, the line for Gringotts was short during early entry, some shops like Florian Fortescue had no wait, and there were less crowds than during normal hours. But there were still a ton of people and nothing I would consider “empty” or close to it.


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