Early November Room Availability

Looking to plan a spur of the moment trip for November (101 days from now is spur of the moment for this Disney planner). Based on crowd levels from 4-6 I thought this shouldn’t be a problem…BUT WHAT IS HAPPENING??? There is no availability at any resort with check-in on November 9 through the 11th, though airfare prices during that time are some of the lowest I’ve seen as of late. I also verified there are no sold out days for Park Reservation Thanks in advance for any insight you Liners can offer.

I would check again. I was looking yesterday at that same weekend and there were plenty of options. I would also note that i have looked at several different dates and sometimes instaed of showing prices when searches it would come up as “check availability”. Making me think there was nothing available but I would actually click on that and it would give me prices. So fear not…i am sure you can still plan a visit for that weekend :wink:


It has been very tight for fall for some time.

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Thank you @vblank for the feedback. I did click on the “check availability” for a couple of the resorts sadly they showed “room type unavailable” for everything. I will keep looking and appreciate you sharing your recent experience

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Strange though that park reservations are wide open, don’t you think?

Not really. Hotels are still not at 100% capacity

Good point. Thank you.

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I expect some availability will open up at about 60 days out for some hotels (probably values) because of people booking leading reservations. So, worth checking starting about 60 days out.

I went back and checked those exact dates of 9/9 through 9/11and i was able to see availability for 20 different resorts. Check on a different device or call… the availability is there. I have had issues getting avilability from computer but seems fine from my phone and tablet…weird I know. It has been wonky the past week or so.

I just spot checked a few resorts, and nothing comes up for me. I have never had such issues in the past, so it makes me think there is a problem on Disney’s end right now.

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There is something def not right. Sometimes I can get things to pull up and sometimes not. Happeneing over the last week or so. I was even looking into June next year and it was showing no availability.

Screen shot of some availability 9/9 -9/11.

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Ha! All star movies was one explicitly checked and saw nothing.

So, I would definitely recommend calling, then, as well.


Okay. This is weird. So if I check availability for an entire category, or a specific hotel, it shows nothing. But if I scroll down, it will show other options that ARE available with a price. But then if I search for availability for that same hotel explicitly, it shows…no availability! But once again, scrolling down shows recommendations that ARE available. Rinse and repeat.

Stupid Disney IT.

ETA:. Oh. I see. The recommendations at the bottom show a price, but does not mean there is availability…only that if there WERE availability, that would be the starting price.

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It is very weird. Sometimes it is normal, sometimes it says check availability and if I click that it will give me price for that one resort. Then if i change the options from the top to Search “all resorts” bam…everything shows up as normal. I have not been able to get it to work at all from my work computer. Only from my phone browser. Yay disney IT :laughing:

Are you looking at September versus November? I have been looking for a leading reservation but I think it is the night of November 11 that is fully booked. I can do the whole week before or the whole week after fine but if you include the 11th I get nothing.


My bad. I typed the wrong date in that post. I am def checking November…here is a screen shot with yacht club as first option

I was also able to extend it until the 12th to include the night of the 11th with the same result.

Its Jersey Week.
In NJ, the state shuts down the schools every year for the teachers convention. (lots of continuing education credits plus all the usual convention hijinks.) Its THE time for parents to go to WDW bc they don’t have to pull kids from school. And, fun fact NJ sends more people to WDW than any other state.

You might want to play around with dates if you can because they have been putting minimum and maximum stays in place again for fall. I needed to change a clients booking and they wouldn’t shorten it to less than 4 days. And when i was trying to make a leading reservation for my own trip in October i got a pop up telling me that there was a 14 day maximum stay during that time.


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Yeah they are searching next year instead of this year.