Early Nov crowd

I’ll start by saying it doesn’t really matter, but….

I am trying to square two things in my mind

We are heading down Nov 3-11, the crowd calendar shows basically 3s and 4s. I keep hearing on podcasts that there is no resort availability that week now with the wine and dine. I would expect that if the resort is basically fully booked that the crowds would be pretty high.

I am not going to change my plans either way just trying to make some sense of things and set expectations

Thanks for any insight anyone might have

I’ll be there then so we will see. I booked before race week was announced too so that’s fun… Tbh based on how fast reservations dried up I do think it’s going to be nuts. People are itching to go and covid cases should be lower by then and I think a lot of people figured November was good because it’s after the 50th may have died down a bit. Keep in mind it’s also jersey week. Godspeed.