Early morning touring - FFP for different park in afternoon?

We’re going to WDW in October (Crowd calendar 4s and 5s) and are Rope drop people.

My idea is to get to, let’s say MK at rope drop and tour without FFPs in the morning and then take our normal break, but have fast passes for the afternoon in a different park (lets say DHS), including Fantasmic.

What do you guys (and gals) think?

My other idea is to just use 3 morning fast passes and then hope to be able to get passes for Fantasmic at about noon for the day of.

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We are doing that on our AK day. In Sept low crowd level RD the break at noon. Head to MK around 5 with 3 FPP and a BOG ressie at 8:20.

Hope to get in 6 or 7 attraction that evening

I think that’s a great plan, we were there in May and we really didn’t use our AM fast passes. We also rearranged our days while we were there to do a water park so we ended up with a lot of afternoon/evening ones the last couple of days and I found that really worked out great.

We did am FPP in December and found we didn’t need them (clearly we did not think that out) We ended up switching the last 7 days to afternoon/evening after the first 3 we wasted in the AM. I think it is a great plan.
We are also doing that for September

That is our plan as well: Arrive at one park at RD, tour until early afternoon then hop to another park with our FPP is place. RD always seems to be the best way to accomplish the most touring for our family.

I’ve done that as well. Great strategy. If you wanted to see the effect, you could compare wait times to a TP with/without FPP x3 in the am vs a TP with/without FPP x3 in the afternoon. I can’t imagine that your idea wouldn’t save the most time