Early Morning Monorails from Poly

I searched for this and could not find recent info. We are going to be at the Poly next week and I am wondering when the earliest monorails start running? Wanting to do extra morning hours and rope drop.

Also when does the first monorails leave the TTC for Epcot? I am wondering if I need to drive.


They start from both the Polynesian and TTC about an hour to an hour and a half prior to EE time. You can also ask over on WDW Lines chat for real time update from people there now as well.

(WDW Chat)


I thought the transportation spreadsheet would maybe have the info you need but I just tried to open it (as I always have) and have been told that I don’t have access. which is weird because I just used it the other day.

Does anyone here have that access? @PrincipalTinker @missoverexcited ?

Let me check that spreadsheet.

I just went to my Google sheets and when I opened my account that sheet disappeared. @popupcamper, did you delete the file or did someone else?

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Well that’s unfortunate. But at the same time I’m glad it’s not just me and/or the way I’m getting to it (which is the same pathway I’ve used for forever)

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I can pull it up.


It’s asking me to sign in and denying me access when I do.

Oh well

I’ve never used it personally, just linked people to it who would

@popupcamper says it is hidden. I had editing permissions on the version in my drive. It is now gone and yes- I get the same denial and “permission needed” with that link.

Since we all don’t have TP emails, there is really no way to check access. At work I “force copy” if I don’t want anyone messing with an original. If people find any links here, please let me know and I will delete them.

I misunderstood your question @PrincipalTinker, the drops page is hidden. I’ll look into access for the sheet as a whole. I didn’t change any settings but someone else may have.

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Thank you!

It is weird:

I have never edited the sheet

Try it now. Someone changed a setting.

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Thanks! It is now working for me. @OBNurseNH will you check too?

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I want everyone to have access since when I created it I didn’t intend to be the sole liner to enter information.

Thanks for letting me know it wasn’t working!

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Whatever was done in the background it’s now fiqqst :smiley:


We will be at Poly too next week! Arriving Sunday. I had heard monorail starts about 60-90 minutes before EE. Maybe we will see you there😉

FYI don’t wait until the last minute, monorail is sometimes down and have to hoof it to TTC.

Front desk told me 7am for resort Monorail. I still have no idea when the first Epcot one runs from TTC.

Also I can confirm it was 7 am ish