Early Morning Magic

I just noticed they extended Early Morning Magic - Fantasyland through the summer and it falls on a day we have our BOG Pre-RD breakfast. I’m probably going to cancel the ressie since it negates any advantage we’d having being in Fantasyland prior to rope drop. But. do the Early Morning Magic - Fantasyland events also affect park crowds the entire day in Magic Kingdom? Is it something that should make me avoid MK altogether on that day? Should I change my touring strategies?

I think it’s a fairly small number of people who do the EMM. Most other people will still have to wait for the regular RD, and your BOG Pre-RD breakfast would still put you ahead of all of them. I would still keep it.

The food is good enough that I’d keep it. I can’t think of a better QS breakfast, actually.

Thank you, you’ve convinced me to keep the reservation. Hopefully the EMM crowd is small enough to give us one ride on 7DMT with minimal wait before RD crowd hits fantasyland. I’ll also try for a FP+ in case the line is already too long.