Early Morning Magic-worth it?

We are thinking about buying tickets for Early Morning Magic…is it really worth the extra money??

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I’d suggest that it depends on several things.

  1. Do you like the rides offered?
  2. Can you get there on time?
  3. If you answered yes to both 1 and 2, can you handle how awesome it’ll be?

Seriously, tho, if you want to do the rides offered, plus two or three others after 9am before pigging out on a decent buffet, I’d do it in a heartbeat, absolutely, positively.

Other benefits-
The pictures you can get will be incredible.
Laughing while walking onto the rides with no waits.

You should be able to knock out two or three of the big rides starting at 9am, so you’ll have fastpass flexibility.

You can “knock out” a chunk of MK for your trip. Honestly, if all of the EMM rides are up and functioning, you will be sick of 7d and pp and pooh. Won’t need to do those again on your trip.

The breakfast buffet is pretty decent. Be ready to pig out.


Plan an early wrap up of your day, especially with kids.
If you like the rides, EMM will probably wind up being one of the highlights of your trip.

My 3 children and I did EMM a few months ago and we thought it was worth it. We road 7DMT 8 times, PP twice and MAWP twice. We also stopped twice at the breakfast buffet (which was good). We have great photos in an empty Fantasyland.

I agree though that you have to be there on time so have a good transportation plan that gets you to MK by 7:30 at the latest.

We ended up buying tickets for EMM for the very reasons listed above. We feel we could knock out a few rides including being in a good position to get to a couple others at park opening before the crowds rush in. The breakfast buffet looks pretty good and stays open long enough that we could enjoy a nice breakfast after we have gotten some great rides in. We our only staying a couple of days post cruise this trip, so the time saved getting in early is important to us. We are really looking forward to trying it out!

what is the latest you can go to the buffet? Is getting there at 9:45 an issue? do they kick you out at 10 am if we are still eating?

Does anyone know if EMM has ever been offered for any dates in November? My google searches aren’t turning up any info on historical dates.

Look at the historical crowds, https://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/historical-crowds. Easy to see that they did not do any in Nov 2017, but they did in Nov 2016. I didn’t check any other years.