Early Morning Magic - Should I?

I’m about to pull the trigger and book it. That way we get three rides out of the itinerary + breakfast. Pro’s and Cons of this. If I hadn’t already booked the HEA dessert party, then it would probably be a no brainer. Maybe I’ll look at it as if we were on a cruise and this is another excursion. :joy: Ugh, I know the family will love it, especially DS and DH because I know he hates lines! Breakfast is a bonus since it’s the family’s favorite meal!

ETA: Any cons besides cost? If I book it, can I cancel it? Sorry, I’m sure that’s in the fine print somewhere.

I haven’t done it, but I can tell you that if we were going at a time of year that it was offered I would book it. 100% without question.

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It would save some serious touring time if I can’t get a FP. Then I could use the FP’s I would try to get for those rides on other rides.

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Do it. I have done it several times. Rode 7DMT 6 times, never even having to go all out of the line. After doing all 3 as many times as you can you still have a decent leisurely breakfast to look forward to. Sometime they even run the carousel.

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Do it. It was absolutely worth it, as long as you like those 3 rides. I plan on doing it again next time if it’s still offered.

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We have done EMM and enjoyed it. I thought it was absolutely worth it. Rode everything several times (7DMT 8 times). And had a nice breakfast. My DS thinks we should do it every visit–that won’t happen, but I would consider it again.

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Don’t doubt yourself. IF you like the rides offered, and then add in the breakfast, it’s an absolute no brainer. The pictures in an empty park will be awesome as well.



That’s the thing, I don’t know if I like the rides or not. I haven’t been and ages and don’t recall going on PP or WTP. I know I’ve never been on 7DMT. From what I’ve read and youtube I do want to go on them and see their sb queues so this would help with that. I know the kids will love 7DMT, no doubt. We all love breakfast, so there’s that too. :slight_smile:

It will be our first morning, so that would be awesome also!

Nothing like a little peer pressure.:smiling_imp:

Good to know you get several rides out of all of them plus breakfast!

I’m glad there’s a lot of love for this EMM. I’m going to do it since as of now this is a one and done trip for us so might as well live it up!

Did it! YAY!!:grin:


I’m doing it too. Have fun!

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Do they typically have EMM all year round; or just certain times of the year? It would be great if they had this around Christmas…

Last Christmas it wasn’t offered, but I did see TP and easywdw review it for Jan and Feb. So maybe at less busy times?

:frowning: how sad. I’d be willing to pay top dollar for that at Christmas…

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I’m excited. I’m not telling the family until we are there. :wink:. It’ll be the very first thing we do on our vacation. I hope it doesn’t ruin the rest of it if it’s a busy week and we are waiting in long lines. . Oh well! Have so much fun!!!

@SirGreggLadyV - I don’t know. It would definitely sell out. I wonder if the park makes more money on all the EMH during those busy times? We are going during Jersey week, so busy, but not Thanksgiving or Christmas busy.


I agree!