Early Morning Magic plan

Anyone care to weigh in on whether this plan seems reasonable? It’ll be two adults and two boys aged 7 and 6, going to hit the Early Morning Magic day on April 16th.


I keep seeing Magic Kingdom plans and they seem to knock out only about a third of what I’m proposing. The EMM portion would be played by ear (don’t necessarily need to ride SDMT that many times), I mostly just want to get as much done before 9:00am so we can be in position to knock off a couple of Tomorrowland rides before the EMM breakfast. I tried to throw a few breaks in there to give us a buffer as the kids wear out later in the day, and we could always drop a few things off here or there (I’m looking at you, IASW)…

You will be able to do way more than that, if you want! We just did EMM on Wednesday, with two kids 7&5. We rode everything at least once, SDMT & PP twice, met the princesses, rode the carousel AND did a bathroom break for the kids :slight_smile:

Did a few rides after 9, got to breakfast at 9:30, and had a nice leisurely meal after all we’d accomplished! It was more than was in my plan, a very pleasant surprise.

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Awesome, thanks for the reply. I’m not too crazy about riding things multiple times (more interested in the smoother morning crowd), but I figured this could be the one day we could entertain the “Again! Again!” requests from the kiddos.

Hey! I love EMM - it’s totally worth the money. Just to confirm with @katiecolosi. I looked back at my 2019 trip TP for my EMM day and did the following:

2x Pooh / 3x 7DMT / 2x PPF / Met Cinderella - then went to eat the breakfast at Cosmic Ray’s at 9:40am.

(I had a 10am FPP for Space Mt afterwards)

I could have definitely done at least one more ride, but I was so happy enjoying the empty Fantasyland that I didn’t “run” between rides.

I do not recommend doing IaSW during your EMM as the ride takes 15+ minutes to complete. Do it right after or so when the queue is still low. I also didn’t do the Carousel, VotLM or Dumbo until later in the day. I knew, thanks to TP, that I could get on those rides with almost no wait later in the day.

Finally, IMHO, I looked at your TP and it’s a bit “packed”. I’ve learned from many trips using TP that you really do need a 10 - 15 “break” / buffer about every 1.5 - 2 hours. This allows for “real life” to happen - unexpected toilet stop / drink / characters appearance or general WDW “magic”. It’s, IME, better to have these buffers and not need them than to watch an overbooked TP snowball and get away from you. If you are ahead of schedule… great! Once it start to get behind schedule you’ll have to start cutting / dropping attractions and shows you expected to see.

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I always end up putting all the things in my plan, and then marking which ones are allowed to be cut. For my family, we’d rather have to cut something low-priority than to stand around asking “what’s next?”

I’m sure every family handles that differently, though! If I’m not telling mine where to place their feet next, they’re totally lost.


For my family, I have to plan those breaks. They are too easily distracted, get “hungry” out of nowhere and I pee a lot! To me, if it’s on “My Plan” it’s scheduled to happen and feels disappointing when something get cut / dropped.

I am the same way. If I don’t I’m completely blindsided by the end-of-every-attraction gift shop every time even though dang it I know it’s gonna be there!!

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How about playing pirate adventure to score a free fp for pirates in the afternoon? Other than that, I think the plan looks great!