Early Morning Magic - Peter Pan's Flight

Seeing as how we’re paying out the wahzoo for this Early Morning Magic event, are we going to be allowed to walk through and enjoy the extended queue for Peter Pan’s Flight?

I don’t think so but I could be wrong.

Would they refuse you if you asked tho? I mean I’ve heard that to access the ride during EMM you just go through the FPP line but I think it would be awfully disappointing to be told we weren’t allowed to walk through it after paying such a price for a semi-private event like that.

I don’t think they let you, but others will know for sure.

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We did EMM but didn’t ask. If they won’t let you just make sure you are in the standby line once the fireworks go off (signaling the masses to come).

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I would ride 7DMT and WTP as many times as you care to, then go to PP , maybe get in a ride or two in the FP line then do the standby line at RD