Early Morning Magic Order of Rides

We are doing EMM ticket event with the Cinderella’s 70th anniversary celebration end of Feb. Does anyone have a suggestion on ride and character interaction order they could give me or just go and do?
Just curious if we should try to hit SDMT 1st or the others then come back to SD. We want to have time to do the main rides and special characters and Cinderella that morning before heading to a RD for something in Tomorrow Land and then breakfast at 9:30.
We don’t care to about small world during the ticket event and will catch that ride later in the day when need a break. Thank you for any input.

Definitely don’t waste your time on It’s A Small World with your limited time. Also it’s a good idea to ride something else before heading to SDMT. But otherwise no need for a real plan! Enjoy :grinning:


Hi! We’re doing EMM shortly after you in March. Our focus will be SDMT, Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh and Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. We will ride SDMT repeatedly. The latter three are not our favourite rides but we’ll ride them, too, so as to not have to queue at them or use a FPP on another day. We will not use EMM to ride the cups or it’s a small world.

Our plan is to then queue up for Cinderella and Tiana right at 09:00.

Best of luck planning your EMM adventure!



We’re doing EMM in a couple months and my plan as of now is Peter Pan, 7DMT, Pooh, 7DMT, Meet Tiana, 7DMT, and another 7dmt and Under the Sea before 9:05. Touring plans has this as 4 min waits per ride. Hope they are correct! Then we’ll go to Space Mt and maybe Buzz Lightyear and hopefully to breakfast by 9:45. Not sure all of us will go on Space, so some might do Dumbo at that time.

That’s fun you’re there for the Cinderella celebration! I agree about not bothering with small world - it’s long and usually a short wait or easy pick up 4th fastpass.


We just did EMM this week. We started with Peter Pan - did 2x in a row walk on. Then I took kids to Cinderella and Elena while DH rode 7DMT as a walk on. He was the only person in the entire car. He then met us for Rapunzel and Tiana. Then he took kids to Under the Sea while I walked on to 7DMT. There were two other people on my train. Then we did teacups 2x before one more on Peter Pan. You can accomplish SO much in that hour - but most everyone heads to 7D first so I’d do something else to start - then you can basically ride as many times as you want with no wait. I’d agree Small World is not worth the precious time. But you can meet all the princesses and do all the rides multiple times.


TP will say 4 min per ride, but you should be able to do more than your plan says. Before 9AM, we were able to ride everything (except IASW), meet Tiana & Rapunzel, do PP and SDMT twice, ride the carousel which was running, and have a somewhat long bathroom break (kids!!!). Everything was walk-on, so I don’t think the order really matters but we did Winnie the Pooh before SDMT, for what it’s worth.


When we did it this past July we saved 7D for last and just kept riding until the RD crowds hit. We intended to start with WtP but it was down the whole time (we can back to it later and got into the FP line with our wristbands) so we did all 4 M&Gs in Fairytale Hall, then PPF, the carousel and 7Dx6. RD’d HM and the went to breakfast. We hit up UtS, iasw and the teacups later in the day with 4th/5th/etc FPs.

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On a side note - my touring plan just did something weird with early morning magic and have SDMT at 20-30 min wait throughout the event (vs it previously being 4)… from what everyone is saying recently, hopefully i”m safe and it’s a glitch (or they messed up and sold triple the tickets to my event date :roll_eyes:) lol I go in 2 weeks!

That’s odd. What dates?

February 2. I had the whole plan made and it was fine, then when I re-evaluated today it was all a mess (because those waits were long it pushed everything way back and my fastpasses no longer matched up). I just had to delete the SDMT rides from my plan in order to make it work… this better not be based upon any new information they have, or I’ll be super disappointed!!!

Just re-evaluated my TP w/ EMM for 1/30. It did the same thing to mine! 13 min wait for SDMT. Hope its not true.

Crowd levels aren’t bad. There’s no way they can be that bad. Otherwise, Disney is overselling the event or not having enough staff.

We have done EMM around 5 times and have had instances where it was amazing and we did 7DMT 6x in a row with no wait and we got to pick where we sat on an empty car…and we’ve had some where we waited 10-15 minutes for it. Last time, 7DMT was down for the first 30 minutes and when we finally got to ride, they sent us through the standby line with a 20 minute wait and we got to do it only once. Your best bet is to leave 7DMT to last and then get in as many rides as you can.

Hmm good to know - I’m assuming the difference just lies in how many tickets they managed to sell. Fingers crossed for my day. I could handle a 10 minute wait, but anything over that I’ll be fighting myself not to be too annoyed lol. For the cost of this event (especially when you’re paying for a family of 5), if riding SDMT once takes nearly half the event time that’s not awesome/good value lol

I’m trying not to have TOO high hopes for this, but I’ve read so many good experiences with it it that I think I have a certain level of expectation as to how it’s going to go!


Couldn’t agree more!

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And my wait times are readjusted back to 4 minutes during EMM -phew. I know it in no way guarantees anything, but at least it gives me comfort not worrying they know something I don’t lol


We are doing EMM next Tuesday (1/28) and are very excited. For those experienced ones, how early should be plan on arriving at the gates?

We just did EMM on Sunday 1-19. Arrived at the gate at 7:30 (a little later than I wanted), but it ended up fine as they did not let us in until 7:40. Rode 7DMT 4x, PP once, had breakfast @ 8:30, and then rope dropped SM. It was a great morning. I would leave yourself plenty of time to get to the gate just in case something goes awry.


Now I can’t figure out what to rope drop after our rides at EMM. We have 2 days at MK and have an After Hours tickets and a night of EMH so we have fast passes for everything big that we want. This day of EMM I’m planning the day around Tommorow Land and Fantasy Land. (2nd day will be the other 2 lands). I’m thinking we will RD SP even though have FP for it and then head to breakfast but also seeing Ariel is a high priority or maybe save seeing Cinderella for RP as opposed to spending our EMM time seeing her? Anyone have suggestions?

We are doing it next Sunday - this will be our first full Disney day or our first trip to Disney! We are planning on going to the little mermaid ride last thing during EMM (probably just before rope drop) and then going to see Ariel right after, followed by barnstormer and the speedway before going to breakfast around 940. We’re then going to loop back through fantasyland to do dumbo and the circus dashing/daring friends meets. After that we’ll start our fast passes, the royal friendship faire, the parade and hopefully pick up a FP for it’s a small world since we aren’t going to spend time during EMM doing it.

It may not be the recommended early morning rides/best use of rope drop advantage, but we aren’t planning on doing space mountain, and will be doing frontierland and adventureland another day.

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