Early Morning Magic on a MNSSHP Day?

Trying to select parks for the end of August. My group is not especially interested in MNSSHP mostly because we can’t imagine we’d stay much later than 9pm anyway. Would you go to MK with Early Morning Magic on a crazy low crowd day even if you would get kicked out of the park at 6pm? I realize we’d miss fireworks. Or would you just go on a moderate crowd day without Early Morning Magic but have the whole 9am-9pm day plus fireworks? Very conflicted.

I asked the same thing about MVMCP, and the consensus was that the crowds are so low on party days that you can usually knock out most of what you want to get done even if you have to leave at 6pm, so I think that’s what our family is going to be doing.


I would definitely do the MNSSHP day! EMM adds only a very negligible amount to the crowds.

I was thinking about paying for EMM. Not worth it on a low crowd day?

Oh, gotcha! Sorry I misunderstood. I have actually heard pretty good things about EMM. If you have younger kids who would like those rides then I think that could be a really good strategy. It could definitely help you feel like you got more of a “full day” minus the fireworks.

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