Early morning magic issue on plan

Hey guys,

Created a personalised plan for MK where the is EMH but it is telling me to queue for 45 mins at pirates until it opens at 9am? It doesn’t optimise to tell us to ride attractions that are open?

I think that only tomorrow and fantasy lands do EMH.

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Here is the list of attractions that are open:

Yep, I’ve picked attractions in those lands but the plan has us lining up for pirates…

There is a difference between Early Morning Magic EMM and Extra Magic Hour EMH. During EEM only 7 Dwarfs, PPan and Pooh are running.

When making your plan did you click that you are using early morning hours? Double check the time your plan is starting… I hope this helps!!

Are you talking about early morning magic or extra magic hours? The two are not the same. Early morning magic is a paid event. Extra magic hours are for disney world resort and some disney springs guests only.