Early Morning Magic in September?

I was hoping to add Early Morning Magic to our MK day at the end of September but so far they haven’t added any dates in September. Does anyone know if it has been offered at the end of September in the past? Thanks! :slight_smile:

I saw on another site that EMM had been added up to September 18th. Apparently, last year EMM was offered on September 19, 24 and 26 so maybe Disney just hasn’t added dates for the end of September yet. We’re booked in for April 15th. I’m excited!

I bought it for sept 18th, but had to call

I’m already booked for Early Morning Magic on September 11th… booked on Website

I only see 9/4 and 9/8 on website. Where do you find out other dates?

Select Magic Kingdom and the date… it should list a special ticketed event if there is one that day, 7:45am-9:00am. Then go to Dining Experiences- Disney’s Early Morning Magic

Let me know if that works :slight_smile:

I only see dates thru 9/11.

What date are you looking for?


According to the CM I spoke with over the phone, in September they are only offering it every other Sunday, and every Tuesday. Unfortunately, that means that at this time they are not planning on a 9/16 EMM, only a 9/18 EMM for that week. (I was hoping for 9/16 too!)

Bummer, thanks for the info