Early morning magic in October

We are traveling down at the end of October. I am not seeing any dates listed for early morning magic on Disney’s Website but they are listed in the touring plans. Are they offering them in October for MK and HS?

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No one knows yet! I, personally, expect there to be MK EMM but I think they will be changing things at DHS with Star Wars opening. Keep an eye on here though, because I’m sure people will post as soon as they are able to book any EMM in later Sept or October! (I sure will!)

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FYI, I’m following a thread on Disboards and multiple people have been contacted yesterday & today regarding their booking for EMM MK in September 2019 and being notified it’s been cancelled. Disney is switching to 8 AM EMH on multiple days in Magic Kingdom for September (so far)

I’ve been following along & hoping I could book for October but it looks unlikely. I’m guessing it’s due to expected crowd levels for SW:GE & dissipating those crowds to other parks.

On the “official” Disney calendar they are not yet listing EMH every morning at MK, but they don’t have any EMM listed anymore in September.

How long did they do EMH everyday after Pandora and TSL opened (in their respective parks, I know they didn’t do them at other parks everyday too)?

ETA - I ask because I am going late November/early December and am hoping that maybe some normalcy will return. Though I also know that SWGE will likely be way crazier than Pandora and TSL. Gotta remain hopeful though!!

Yeah, nothing is posted on the calendar, I’m just going off of what the boards say as people are being contacted about the cancellations. CM’s are telling them that it’s switching to morning EMH at MK on the day they had booked.

I was hoping that Disney would offer up EMM at MK to entice people to pay for the lower crowds but it sounds like SW:GE is changing everything.

It sounds like Disney knows what they are doing schedule-wise for September, they’re just not updating the hours yet. Wish they would do that soon… although, they’re notorious for changing it again a couple months before anyway, so I suppose it doesn’t matter.

Following that post as well. Especially the compensation they are giving as we were able to book one of the days. Still haven’t been contacted yet. I’m sure it’s coming.

I know that last year, a number of EMM’s for October were cancelled several months out.

I would have paid for EMM if it was offered at the end of September when I am going. Ugh, may have to re plan days!

I posted over there that they rang me yesterday to cancel the 24 September for 8am EMH.

They refunded EMM, gave each of us 8 anytime fast passes for the EMM rides only on that date and gave me a choice of a free breakfast at either CP or the Plaza.

They emailed me overnight the day before to arrange a time to call because I’m in Australia and rang when they opened last night. There seems to be a few with September bookings who haven’t heard yet but one other posted they had the email about the 17th.

I read on an old thread here the “sorry magic” varied, but the CM who rang me seemed very limited in what she was authorised to offer.


Thanks for letting us know. Wonder if/when (more when than if) the earlier September dates will be contacted.

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The “official” Disney calendar does list morning EMH only on Wed/Fri through the middle of October. I do think it is safe enough to say at this point that there won’t be EMM.


Seems like an obvious easy money making opportunity for WDW to have separate EMM at TSL and SW:GE on the same dates (see the park twice at the same time!), but I could also see WDW thinking that crowds will be so bad the first few months after SW:GE opens that EMH make sense for most days at MK and DHS.

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