Early Morning Magic Hours


What is the general opinion on visiting a park that is hosting the Early Morning Magic. I have planned on being at MK on Feb 6th. Then I realized that it was having the Early Morning Magic. We are a rope drop family, but I’m not willing to spend the money on special event tickets.

Is this event going to increase the number of people at the park the same way Extra Magic Hours for resort guests do? Should I be picking another park?

We don’t have park hoppers. I can flip it for my day at AK but that would mean giving up my RoL brunch at TH. As much as I’d hate to cancel the brunch, I’d prefer not to be in an overcrowded park. Based on historical crowd levels the park would be at CL 5 but now that they have introduced Early Morning Magic I have no idea what to expect.


The numbers are capped for EMM, I’ve seen 200-300 mentioned. After all, they do have to do breakfast for them so they can’t have unlimited or vast numbers going.

From everything I’ve read, it makes virtually no difference to crowd levels. Nothing like EMH. By the time the park opens all those EMM people will likely move on to other areas or breakfast, so even Fantasyland will be at normal rope drop levels.