Early Morning Magic -- Has it jumped the shark?

A couple years ago we did Early Morning Magic, and we loved it. At the time it was only three rides, Peter Pan, Pooh, and SDMT. We rode all three over and over. I think we did SDMT 6 times in a row and the other two we rode two or three times each. I booked it again without hesitation. This time, a cast member at the entrance mentioned they had 700 people for EMM that day. Peter Pan was down from the start and only opened towards the end. The entire crowd of 700 people seemed to go right for SDMT and stay there most of the time and then try to hit Peter Pan at the very end. We ended up riding Pooh once, Peter Pan once, and SDMT three times. I could have gotten a fast pass for PP and SMDT for free, ridden them each once, and saved myself $368.51. I was very disappointed. Yes, we got breakfast, but I’d value that at $60 max, even at Disney prices. Side note – I was appalled at the food waste at the breakfast with how they now give everyone a pre-loaded plate. I don’t think we will be doing EMM again, unless I hear that they are limiting numbers to something a lot less than 700.

That’s a very telling comparison, thank you for the information! I have not tried EMM yet and given this, will likely not bother.

Really?? :flushed:

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This makes me nervous about attempting to rope drop MK on an EMM day…

It really doesn’t make any difference. You’ll be fine! And at least you know it is definitely a 9am opening if you want a pre RD breakfast.

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I could be wrong, but I feel that the crowd was around the same size on the 2 times we did it last year. We had probably a 5-7 minute wait for each ride on 7DMT, but PP was a walk on. We did it multiple times with no line. I think PP being down may have been the main issue with your last visit? We did 7DMT 2x, PP 2-3x, Pooh 2x, Teacups, and the carousel all within the hour.

Did you ask guest services for any recourse? I’m sure they would have given you a FPP for PP to use later in the day. They gave us an anytime FP to be used the next day when EE was down at AK DAH.

The prepared plate has been standard for awhile now. It is a huge waste!

EMM TSL was way worse. Nobody was riding A2S or TSM. Everybody was in line for SDD. The line took 15 minutes each time. And the CM told us there were 850 people. That was terrible.


We asked the cast member outside PP if we could have a FP for later and he said no. We had about a 15 minute wait the first time on SDMT, 10 minutes the second time, and probably 5 the third time. We had a 5-10 minute wait at PP when it finally came up at the end.

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I don’t think the standard CMs at the ride are authorized to do that. You have to go to guest services in my experience.

He could have said, “I can’t but you can go to guest services,” but he just said no. I chose not to pursue it further.

They probably didn’t want 700 people catching on and asking for a FP :upside_down_face: At guest services, I told them my DS5 was really looking forward to riding EE for the first time during DAH and we wouldn’t have done it if we knew it would be down (a slight exaggeration), but she didn’t hesitate to load up an anytime FP for us :smiley:


btw, I’m assuming you’re a wolverine? That’s my alma mater too. (I grew up a MD terp fan, hence the screen name). Go Blue!

Yes! Alumna here. Go Blue!

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We did this yesterday only to find out later that night that 7DMT had been down during EMM and all those people were allowed to ride it in FPP line until 11:00. One person on the forum said she rode it 3 times during that time. RD was not effective at all in Fantasyland if they are going to let that happen.

As with anything, your mileage may vary, but I’ve talked up EMM in the past due to our great experience in November 2017. I felt I owed at least a caveat emptor after our experience this time. If you’re lucky, no rides will be down, and EMM won’t be sold out on your day. I was disappointed in what I felt was a significantly reduced value for the money. I didn’t complain to Disney in the moment – I didn’t feel that any of the annoyances met my threshold for talking to guest services-- but I did fill out the survey they emailed me afterwards and let them know what I thought.

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We do have a PPO breakfast reservation, so maybe that will at least put us ahead of the rope drop crowd. We won’t be going to SDMT so we’ll probably head to Peter Pan first.