Early morning magic gone?



I just created a touring plan for Magic Kingdom for 11/26/19 and the plan notes that “Early Morning Magic - Fantasyland is likely for this date” with the option to incorporate it into the touring plan. When will we know for sure & why is it noted as “likely”?

It’s noted as likely because so far it looks like the EEMH they announced for September and October was over-kill on WDW’s part.

So for November it seems less likely they’ll continue EEMH, although they may start them again for the opening of Rise of the Resistance on 12/5.

I would think they’ll announce something in the next couple of weeks.

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I had that on my plan for 1/5 in MK. Hard to really plan if it’s not a sure thing, but I’m hopeful!

I noticed that all early morning magic tickets at the Magic Kingdom are currently sold out from January to March in 2020. I am wondering if this is a glitch as well. I called Disney and the first customer service rep thought it might be an error. She then spoke to member services and was told that they do indeed appear to be sold out already. Disappointing as they just went on sale under a week ago.

There’s another thread about this here. Not everyone believes they are actually sold out.


It’s a glitch. EMM is not the only special event or dining package that is not allowing booking.

HEA dessert parties are also showing unavailability from the end of December until the beginning of March as well. Must be a glitch!

This is so frustrating! I’ve been trying to book fantasyland for February since it opened! Just got off with DVC member services and she checked with tech support and her supervisor, both said that it’s sold out! I’ve never had this happen before. Still hoping for the best!

It’s not sold out. Something is going on with their system either purposefully by Disney or it’s a glitch. The same thing is happening with all three Fireworks Dessert Parties at Magic Kingdom. It’s showing that everyday in January and February is completely booked for all three dessert parties. That right there shows there is something wrong. I got two different answers from two different cast members. I emailed Disney earlier this week about it. I’m just waiting to hear back from them.


Thank you for emailing Disney about this. Please fill us in on the response you get. Thank you for all your time and help!

Have you heard back from them yet? I keep checking availability everyday.

I haven’t heard anything back from them yet.

Early morning magic for early 2020 are back on sale!


Thanks! Just booked ours for January 16, 2020!


They are back up!!
Just got mine!

Thanks! Got mine for February!!

Magic kingdom dessert parties are also now available to book

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No they still aren’t available to book. I just tried.