Early Morning Magic - FL

Thanks for the heads up on the calendar. Even if I can’t make the res yet, it’s good to be able to fill in my plan a little more. I was hoping for a Sunday MK EMM, but Tuesday was my backup plan, and I can make that work.

EMM dates are now open for booking. I was in a chat session with a castmember yesterday, and she said Peter Pan’s Flight was still listed as a ride for EMM in the two sources she checked. She didn’t know why it wasn’t listed on the website. I just booked EMM for a date in January.


Looks like none for HS. At least it takes the temptation away!

Yup booked mine for FL this morning, nothing open for TSL yet.

Thank you so much for this notification. Just booked EMM at FL for late March.


I’m not losing hope just yet. They haven’t decided what they’re going to do about EEMH in December. Once they decide that, I think they will also decide when they are going to have EMM TSL. EMM FL is booking out until March. There’s no way they aren’t having any EMM TSL between now and then. They just need to finalize they’re RotR plans.

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I really hope they don’t offer them for any of my park days. :stuck_out_tongue: I really can’t afford it. As much as I would like to ride SDD multiple times and meet Jessie and Woody without a huge wait, I can’t justify $500+ for it.


Then I will hold out hope for my park days only!!


Perfect! I hope you get them.

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So the main Early Morning Magic Fantasyland page under the heading Purchase Online or By Phone shows $79 per adult and $69 per child. When the transaction is charged, they actually charge you $89 per adult and $79 per child. I’m on the phone with Disney Dining now. I’ve gotten passed around from Guest Services to Ticket Sales to Recreation, and I’m now settling in for an estimated 15 minute hold. Stay tuned to see what they do about this. In Michigan there are consumer protection laws that prohibit this kind of price difference.


Follow-up: $79/$69 are current year prices and $89/$79 are 2020 prices and they can raise them if they want and not display it on the page. Less than magical.


They can certainly raise them but advertise once price and charge another? I don’t think so.

Thanks for the updates about this! Waiting to see if they will have EMM on the Sunday of our May 2020 trip.

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Well, our planned EMM on Sunday, March 8 is a no go as that is the only Sunday in March that EMM is not scheduled!. :expressionless: We are doing PPO GG at Epcot on Tuesday, but now that is the only EMM for FL scheduled during our entire stay that week. What to do?

Go ahead and schedule the EMM and set up a reservation finder for PPO GG another day. You can always cancel.

That’s just what I was going to check, but we don’t have Park Hoppers and wanted to do the evening EMH at Epcot that Tuesday because of Flower and Garden festival. Ugh!

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Disney doesn’t like to make this planning process easy for us!

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No kidding! :smile: Don’t they know how stressful this can be?


It’s now less magical. I just conversed with another cast member, and Peter Pan’s Flight (PPF) has indeed been removed from Early Morning Magic (EMM). She didn’t have an explanation or reason why it’s been removed. It doesn’t make sense to me. PPF has been apart of EMM from the beginning. Is it due to reduced staffing? I’d rather they remove the Mad Hatter Teacup ride.

What a sad update. We’re out for this trip. Sticking with my PPO BOG. Now where to spend that $ elsewhere???