Early Morning Magic - FL

So EMM-FL will return after EEMH is over, and when it does return, it no longer lists Peter Pan’s Flight as one of the offered attractions. WTF Disney. That makes no sense.

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Where did you read about this? Did it mention EMM at TSL?

Where you are getting this from?

Disney hasn’t updated their site yet, so still lists what EMM was before. In fact, it still advertises it as “Expanded” with “twice as many rides”. So I don’t think you can go by that.

Once they announce EMM hours again, I’m sure they will update the details.

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I experienced EMM back in February of this year. Peter Pan’s Flight was one of the options. It is no longer listed as an option for EMM when you look on Disney’s site.

But that is old information. It hasn’t been updated in some time. Otherwise, they are flat-out lying by saying it is “expanded” with “twice as many rides”.

No dates have been announced, and the details for what is included remain out-dated. (They had removed PPF from the web page back when they were doing some refurbishments on the ride.)

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Yes I understand that, but it was all updated after the refurb. Somewhere along the way, PPF was taken off the list of rides. February was after the expanded EMM was implemented.

Not trying to be critical, but what’s your source? While I’m betting, at some point, EMM may be reinstated WDW hasn’t said anything. They are playing everything pretty close to the vest, pertaining to park hours, through the end of the year due to the miscues of EEMH & the low turn out for the soft opening of SWGE.

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They do have two days that are blue in November, both Wednesday’s. But they are either sold out already or not really opened up for booking yet.


Often the dates go blue before they upload the availability. Looks like it may be opening back up!! Nothing blue for TSL yet though.


When I replied a few hours ago, there were no dates available / highlighted.

Now, the highlights appear through the end of March. So, that is encouraging!

However, as of right now, they haven’t been released for sale. But who know’s what might happen in a few more hours.


STOMPS FEET! No. I am so annoyed. I planned my ADRs (and Barber Shop and Pirates League and Pirates and Pals cruise) around the historical data and now they aren’t doing Sunday in December. Sure, Tuesday is a historical EMM day too but I hadn’t planned for that contingency. I think this may have broken me.

As for possible removal of PPF - I am hoping that is not the case but it would make it an easier pill to swallow.

Dearest Disney - I want to give you all my money. Sadly, you are making this quite difficult with your scheduling challenges this year. Please get your act together. Love, Aly


Without PPF it’s not as much of a draw for me either. Being able to knock out PPF & 7DMT - usually at least twice each is why I go / make it worth the money. The other attractions are just bonuses.


If the released Skyliner schedule is accurate I am guessing a couple of TSL ones in November on fridays. I had wondered why those days the schedule started so early.

ETA- and maybe some sundays too. Or is Sunday regular EMH?

I have BOG at 8am that Sunday so I can still do one at rope drop and then dash to the second (hopefully ahead of the masses). Scrambling to try to get back up reservations at my Tuesday park now and flip flop everything around.

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I also noticed that a few weeks ago, PP disappeared from the MK EMM website list of rides.

And add me to the list of people who are saying ARGH since I based my park/FP plans on EMM potentially being on the Tuesday.

Where are you seeing this? I’d rearrange everything for an EMM at TSL in Nov.

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Ugh. Friday is my only non-WDW Park day. :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

Oh this is exciting - it’s interesting the blue dates seem a little all over the place. The day I was hoping for is blue though so that’s promising.

Even though peter pans flight is no longer listed, they say ‘7 rides’… and only list 6, so hopefully just an error, and it’s not actually no longer included.

WDWNT had a schedule for the Skyliner that they put on their website. It has the HS Line starting at 6 on the Second and third Fridays. I am only guessing that may be why.

ETA- I suppose it could just be some regular EMH, but nothing official for that either. Or the schedule was really just something they made up and that is their guess. I noticed the 15th because it is our last day.

Sorry, Maybe I should have kept it to myself. It seems like something is going to change that day though.