Early Morning Magic Fantasyland Arrival

We have tickets for the Early Morning Magic Fantasyland for our upcoming trip. We are staying off property and I have seen conflicting information about how to arrive at MK prior to the 7:45AM start time. Has anyone done this? What is the best way to get to MK since I have read the monorail and boats do not run until an hour before park opening which is at 9AM?

They will have at at least one of those options running from TTC to get people in for EMM.

Also everyone is now allowed into MK an hour early anyway, so there will be lots of people already heading in.

Why are they allowing people in an hour early when they have a separate ticketed event going on? How will they know who purchased a ticket and are allowed to ride the rides and eat breakfast at Pinocchio Haus?

The welcome show happens at the Hub now. Everyone gets to go down Main Street and get coffee etc. There will be ropes across all paths and CMs there. There will be a line for EMM and the CM will scan people’s bands (or tickets) and let those who are there for EMM as well as PPO ADRs through into Fantasyland.

Those with the ADRs won’t be let on the rides until some point just ahead of the actual park opening.

If the park has extra magic hours at 8 am for hotel guests is everyone allowed to enter at 7am?

Don’t think so. The actual rope drop ceremony takes place at park opening time. If EMH guests want to see it they will have to back track to the Hub for it.

But what it means is that offsite visitors will be going in at about the same time as EMH, with all the EMH crowd allowed beyond the ropes. I don’t know how early EMH people are allowed into the park though.

You will get a wrist band that says ‘Early Morning Magic’. Everyone else is stopped in the hub.

Sorry, I was replying to @traveller1 who asked about EMH, not early morning magic. But yes, everyone else is stopped in the Hub.
Do you get the wrist band if you are onsite doing EMM? I thought it would just be on your ordinary magic band, but not done it so what do I know? :slight_smile: