Early Morning Magic - Effect on Touring Plan

Good morning everyone, my family and I are heading to Disney in August 2020. My expectation is that we will be at MK on a day when EMM is offered and we are planning on taking advantage of that. I am working on the touring plan for that day in the park and I wanted to know what I can leave off because we can knock it out during EMM hours. Is it reasonable to think that we will have time to do 7DMT, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, meet Cinderella/Elena and meet Rapunzel/Tiana? I just want to make sure that if its not reasonable to get all these done then that I bake it into the touring plan to do later in the day. Thanks!

Note that, as of right now, it appears Disney has eliminated Peter Pan from EMM for some inexplicable reason. Perhaps they will add it back in…but for now, according to the website, it is NO LONGER included. Keep that in mind.

Thank you for the heads up on that, I will keep an eye on it to see if that changes at some point. Is reasonable to think we could do all the other rides listed?

Someone else will have to answer that one. I’ve never attended such an event.

You could do all that and more (except maybe minus Peter Pan, as already explained).

I think we did Winnie the Pooh twice, Peter Pan two or three times, and SDMT 6 times, if that helps you estimate.

To see how many attractions you can fit in, work on the touring plan for that day in the park entering in your EMM hours.

For some reason I could not do this when I tried to plan the whole day, but it worked when I created two separate plans: one for the EMM hours and another for the rest of the day.

As others have said, Peter Pan is not in the EMM anymore. However, yes, you can definitely get in 7DMT, Winnie the Pooh and meeting the four princesses. Actually, you will likely be able to do those and the other rides available (Mad Tea Party, Ariel’s Undersea Adventure and It’s a Small World) since those rarely have a line at the start of the day anyways. Just don’t forget to get your food before the end of EMM :). The food isn’t spectacular, but you are paying for it, so you might as well make sure everyone gets breakfast.