Early Morning Magic December 2018

Hello! I am trying to find out if EMM will be offered in December 2018? Both the WDW and touring Plans sites only list up to Nov 27th. I can’t find any information on December 2018 anywhere! Some sites mention it may not be offered on MVMCP dates, but the Party runs in November and EMM is offered every Tuesday and Sunday.
Any info would be appreciated!

The issue with December is that often the park opens at 8.

You can look at the historical info. I wouldn’t expect it to be offered in Dec.
This is Dec 19, 2017. It was a Tuesday. EMM was not offered.
This is Oct 19, 2017. It was a Thursday. EMM was offered. Provided so you can compare to see how TP reflects the data.

Do they usually update the hours closer to December? As of now they are listing 9 as the opening time

They updated hours for July in the middle of June, some as close as 2 weeks from when they were announced.

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Thanks for all the replies! I have had such difficulty finding an answer; I even called Disney several times - they said to keep checking, they don’t know if it will be offered this year or if it had been offered in the past -why the secrecy? Why not be transparent? :frowning:
Thanks SimSallysMom for the historical data - what a great feature of Touring Plans!

You’re welcome.

I don’t think EMM will be offered. The closer it gets to Christmas the more crowded MK will get. I looked at some of the dates in December at random and I found nothing… If Disney offers the EMM, they can’t increase the park hours and/or offer EMH.


I know … I’ve been checking several times a day since we booked! Just when I think I’ve got all my (Disney) ducks in a row…there’s some new wrinkle I didn’t anticipate :grimacing:
I think you’re right about it not being offered :frowning: …but i have a tiny, teeny thread of hope since it was offered in early December 2016 ( I used Touring Plans historical data - it’s awesome) Thanks Again!

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I feel you with the multiple answers. If they know it is not going to be offered then just tell me now that way I can go about my plans. Oh well, its. nice to have but If it does not happen then I will roll with it.