Early morning magic canceled

WDW canceled the Sunday date we were going to go to EMM (in oct). They called me about it and I’m glad I answered my phone bc they offered me compensation for what they called their glitch in the system which allowed me to book EMM in the first place. I chose another activity which they will book for me and my son (scuba dive quest) and they are going to refund us for the EMM.

This is just awesome customer service and I can’t quite believe they would refund me the emm AND cover divequest— but I have an email saying that’s what they are doing and I’m super stoked. We were going to skip the dive quest because it was too much money.

I’m moderately bummed we won’t be able to do EMM but I’m so overwhelmed that they went So far above and beyond. Awesome stuff like this doesn’t happen to me. :blush::blush::blush:.


Good for Disney! So glad

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Disney Magic is the best!!


Wait. I think you’ve been brainwashed.

Disney messes up, and ultimately it is called “Disney Magic”? :slight_smile:

(But I am glad they did something besides just refund the money.)


To be fair, when DIS messed up in this case they went above and beyond offering up both a refund and a free experience to make up for it. Most places would just say sorry and refund. Instead DIS created a very positive image by offering a makeup experience on the house - that’s great customer service…


I agree. I just found it funny to call it “Disney Magic” when they are the ones who messed up to begin with. :slight_smile:

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That is so great! I want them to mess something up during my trip so I can get a free dive quest. I would love to hear how the dive quest goes!


They messed up my FPP experience yesterday, I think I should get a Free week at the Disney hotel of my choice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: In all seriousness, I have gotten more “magic” than “tragic” with Disney over the years


If you look at the things Disney does to make “magic” or perceived customer service, it usually involves things that don’t cost them anything. So, for example, while refunding the money in this case was justified no matter what, it doesn’t actually cost Disney anything to provide a “free” dive quest experience. There is MAYBE the potential of looking revenue because the slot allocated for “free” can’t be used by a paying a guest, but I suspect they don’t fill to capacity anyhow, so it isn’t a big deal.

I know, I sound like a debbie downer about this, but I’m just recognizing the reality of it.

I remember years ago when our kids are little, Disney was doing the Year of a Million Dreams or something like that. Anyhow, CMs would go around and surprise guests with “free” things, etc. As two of our kids got off Goofy’s Barnstormer, they were surprised by the CMs “awarding them” free trading pins. My kids were so excited. Disney had created magic. Of course, the truth is, in creating this magic, Disney was hoping that the free pins would get us interested in pin trading and start buying (PAYING FOR!) more pins. This was near the time when they were just starting the pin trading thing.

So, Disney is pretty genius at turning something that profits THEM into something that makes you, the guest, feel as though something magical just happened. This is, ultimately, makes people fall in love with them so much.


I feel like it was definitely above and beyond!

They offered to rebook is on a Tuesday on their dime but it doesn’t work with our plan. So no EMM for us but it’s ok! They didn’t cancel the morning of at least! It’s not even my FPP date so I have time to re-prioritize to be sure to get Peter Pan and 7DMT.

I always remember the experience we had in universal when my dad and my little children were stuck in the elevated train in the Seuss area in the hot hot sun for 50 min. They got water bottles and one front of line pass. I was seriously worried bc it was so hot and babies were screaming and my kids were overheated too. It was not magic.

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I loved that Year of Million Dreams (or whatever) thing! My son and I were waiting for a bus during Halloween season and they grabbed us and a couple other people, told us they would take us directly to our resort in a minivan of sorts and gave us pirate accessory kits, which worked out great for us, because I was going to be dressing as a pirate for the party that night anyway, but didn’t bring any accessories. We saved time, I didn’t feel compelled to give them anymore money for anything and we felt the magic.


Seuss Land, might that have been at Universal?

Yes it’s in Islands of Adventure. She did say it happened at Universal.

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I would be so bummed if I lost my EMM. I have tickets for an early Sept date. Sorry you’ll be missing out but glad they ultimately made it right.

Yeah I feel ok with it honestly. Our kids are older (10, 14, 17, 17) so mornings can be a struggle anyway!! If it were an evening event they’d be super bummed.

I’m hoping that cutting back on EMM doesn’t mean they are thinking to discontinue it though. I would really like to try it someday.

I agree! I am grateful I am getting to try it for my first time. I hope I get to try an “After Hours” event as well. I think those look so cool. I would love to be at Disney in the middle of the night in an empty park. Too cool!

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That is so cool…they didn’t offer me anything but 1 extra fast pass…they offered to swap out my days to Tues emm…but we have MNSSHP that night, so I didn’t want to do that! So, she gave me 1 fast pass…:frowning: and a refund of course! I do wish they were a little more consistent with the “magic”…:frowning:

That’s crazy… they offered me a fp but I can’t even make FP reservations yet… I do think it’s pretty inconsistent…

I hope you get some extra magic down the line!

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Our November Sunday date was cancelled too. They offered to refund us and re-book at no charge for a choice of two dates. One of the dates worked for us so now we are going for free. I call this Disney Magic. We are a family of 6 (five of us 3+) so it’s nearly $350. Thank you Disney! I do feel bad for the people who don’t have the flexibility in their plans to switch to another date and are only being offered extra FPP. Like Ommax3 i think they should be more consistent with what they offer people.

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What October date was canceled by chance?? 10/28? We’ve tried forever to book this!