Early Morning Magic at Toy Story Land

Anyone planning on doing the EMM at TSL? It admittedly sounds sort of tempting but the price is steep for less than 90 minutes lol…I know breakfast is included but still, at $69/child & $79/adult I just don’t know.
My REAL question is this…how does everyone think EMM will affect crowds those mornings at HS (we have two days planned at HS when EMM is taking place in December). If I remember correctly the EMM event at MK didn’t really affect crowds much…the price keeps the crowds down I think lol.

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I would imagine no effect, just the same. They only sell around 200 tickets to ensure low waits since you’re paying for exclusivity.

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This is what I assumed, just wanted others thoughts on it!

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Ugh, I didn’t even know this was a thing. Just checked - It’s available my week and I may have to bite the bullet (and change around a couple of days).

The site definitely doesn’t recognize the wait times though.

It hasn’t started yet, wait times will probably always be off though - apparently it always estimates a 10 min wait for the MK rides during EMM but they’re mainly walk ons. TSL estimates in general are still way off because they haven’t got the data yet to make them accurate.

Yup, am doing it in October. Just got back from a WDW weekend and really enjoyed the EMH that started at 7am. Did SDD twice, AS2 twice and TSM 3 times. Looking forward to extra time in Toy Story Land with little to no waits.

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The one effect I could see EMM having is that it would prevent them from letting everyone into TSL a half hour before opening which is what they have been doing so far. I’m not sure if that will continue into the fall, but it would be a reason to avoid EMM days at DHS.

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Oh that’s a good point.

I’m doing it in November. In the description it says exclusive access to TSL until 8:45 am on a 9 am open so it doesn’t sound like regular guests can get in 30 min early.

We bit the bullet and got tickets for this in October – Girls’ trip and my two friends have never been to WDW at all, so we decided it was worth it. They are Disneyland vets, so we’re focusing on the stuff that Disneyland doesn’t have. Plus I only have to pay for myself and not my entire family, so that makes it more palatable! I tend to love these “special” events… something about the “exclusive” feeling I guess. We actually decided to stay at Pop so we could spend more money on other things like this (and Food & Wine and those amazing margaritas at Cava!)

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I don’t understand why they don’t do something like this for Animal Kingdom and Pandora. I guess maybe the crowds are way too big? But think about how quickly it would sell out! I am considering EMM for TSL or Fantasyland, but my dates are not available yet…For someone who doesn’t love crowds, this is completely worth it for me! But…why not AK?

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We just returned from 10 days in Florida and I really, really wish we would have done this instead of the Halloween party. We did the early morning thing 2 years ago at MK and it was worth every single penny (even when we showed up a bit late!). Do it, you wont regret not having to wait for HOURS for the Toy Story rides.

Because the AK night tour is doing just fine.

Ugh for my family of 5 it is $410 with tax. We have a short time in the world. One big focus is TSL. Trying to decide if it’s worth it. Low CL on The day we are going. We hope to get a FP for SDD and RD…

I think if cost is a factor it’s probably not worth it.

With A FPP for SDD, you could easily ride it three times with minimal wait. We RD on 8/15 and rode SDD 2x, AS2 1x, and TSM 1x before 7:40. We also rode TSM 3 more times with additional same day FPP.

When is your FPP selection day? We’re looking into doing EMM for just one of our HS days perhaps…but $336 for family of 4, not cheap lol. I have no doubt we’d enjoy it though.

Didn’t the breakfast option at Pandora stop, because very few people were buying (too busy rushing to FoP)?

So possibly it’s because of that.

This is my thought as well. If you’re planning two HS days and can RD then I would just do that.

Yes we are going to RD but we only have 1 day. We also would like to hop to another park so I think I might splurge. EMM is on the day we plan to go anyway. If we don’t do it then we won’t get into the park until 9. So the extra park time itself will really add to our day.
If HS still had an early opening and we could do what @wesamfa did then I may not buy EMM tickets. But with HS not opening until 9 I don’t think the chance for multiple rides will happen.

Ok final decision made. We are not going to do it. I feel like it would be cool but just not worth that price. Especially when it is basically what everyone was getting for free all summer.

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