Early morning magic at Toy story land - breakfast

Can you grab something quick from ABC Commissary early in the morning, and then go back to eat more after spending some time in TSL? It is not mentioned anywhere, but I think you can do it at the EMM at MK.

Yes, breakfast is offered until 10am, I believe. We have it booked for February and my plan is to hold off on eating breakfast until the RD crowd arrives in TSL. I don’t think I’d really be up for much of a ‘meal’ before the event…(1) because its really early and (2) who wants a super full stomach when they are about to embark on riding a roller coaster numerous times in a row??

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Yes! We just got back - did this on Monday morning (Oct. 8). Go early - we arrived a little after 7 and were directed to the ABC Commissary for breakfast. (Aside: no bus at that time but the Lyft ride was about $7 from Pop Century and we got dropped off right in front despite all the construction.) There were two “mini buffets” set up - cereal, fruit, pastries, juices, coffee - and you could also go to the counter and order a hot entree (there was a Mexican choice, shrimp & grits, chicken & cronut, and avocado toast with greens). We chose to just have fruit and coffee at first, then head to the rides.

At 7:30 they let us into Toy Story Land. There were plenty of photo pass CMs along with a coffee and ice water station set up. The stores were also open but not the food places.
Around 8 the characters arrived (Buzz, Woody and Jesse). We rode all three rides multiple times in an hour. Advice: don’t start at Slinky because everyone else does. Do TSMM and Aliens first, then Slinky lines will lighten up. Our longest wait was 10 minutes for Slinky – we walked on the other two.

When we were all ridden out (a little before 9) we went back to the commissary and ate a big breakfast. Overall it was an awesome experience – we felt “exclusive” and loved starting the day without having to run anywhere. Enjoy!!


Thanks for this review! I have been contemplating EMM for TSL and this is good news that you enjoyed it.

@8lovesmickey, it is a little disappointing that they charge a high price for an early event but not making the bus transportation available. But I am glad to hear that you had a wonderful time there.

Honestly there were so few people there and the timeline was so tight that a bus wouldn’t really make sense for Disney. That said, we never actually asked about a bus - just assumed they wouldn’t be running since they usually start one hour before regular opening.

And in case it matters, the parking lot / drop off of the Studios is a total mess with construction of the new “Skyliner” station taking up all the space the buses used to have. It’s a long walk from the new bus stop to the entry! Lyft was completely worth it.

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I think there are supposed to be buses for EMM but YMMV with how much they can be relied upon.

Thank you for this! We will be going on Wednesday so this is super helpful for a plan of attack!

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So just to confirm, did you book breakfast for 7am but we’re allowed to have it in two sittings? I’m a little confused :grinning: Thanks

From what I have been reading and understanding is you can go and eat any time between 7 and 10. Most people are getting something light and a drink from 7 to 7:30. After rope drop they go back for the hot items. Also have read that you can get more than 1 hot item as well. Getting excited to try this Oct 31!

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Thanks so much for posting! I’ve been wondering about the procedures for this, as we will be attending next week. How is the parking with construction? We will be staying at Kidani Village but we will have a rental car that we could drive to the park. If parking is a mess we might prefer to Lyft.

When we booked there wasn’t a choice of times – I think it just said 7:30. I read somewhere that we should go sooner because they sometimes open sooner. When we arrived, the CMs in the restaurant (ABC Commissary) said we could eat as much and often as we wanted until they closed up at 10:00. So we ate a small meal, rode the rides until the park opened to everyone, then ate a bigger breakfast. We got there a little after 7 and were escorted right in - just had to scan our bands and give our names to one of the CMs waiting near the entrance.

As an aside, I’ve never been to a special event with this much CM presence. There were probably a dozen people to guide us from the front to the restaurant, then tons of staff in the restaurant (including greeters, waiters, bus people), then another 10 - 15 in Toy Story Land, including photographers, character people, and random exec types standing by the coffee and water stations and asking if we were enjoying ourselves. I don’t know if that’s the norm, but it was pretty impressive. We were celebrating a birthday and the CM’s took pictures for us at breakfast and outside the restaurant and wanted to chat about everything. It was great.


We used Lyft, but when we pulled in they were letting cars park. I don’t know if they had to scan a ticket to prove early entry or if they could just park. I can tell you that the bus loading and unloading areas were a total construction mess.

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Thanks for all the details, doing this 10/24. So looking forward to it.

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I read in one review that they only sell like 250 tickets for this event. If that’s true, a bus wouldn’t make sense because people come from all the resorts and off property. For EMM there are thousands of people and they’re all coming from on property. Just a thought.

Yep - we just booked “Early Morning Magic” for 7:00 - there wasn’t a choice of times. We were escorted to breakfast first (before Toy Story Land opened), then once the rides opened at 7:30 we could come and go from breakfast as much as we wanted… so we ate before and after we rode. We went to the line / counter for entrees and there was a buffet for everything else, so it was basically self-serve.

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We stayed at the Poly in November and were able to get a bus for EMM. I don’t remember the exact time but we were at HS before 7 am.