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Our family is headed to WDW next week-first park day will be July 6, so we shouldn’t have to face extra crowds because of July 4. We will be staying at Port Orleans Riverside. We have not stayed onsite since they have added the 30 min Early Park Entry for Resort Guests, so here is my question–How early should we arrive at each park to be near the front of the pack for early entry? We typically Rope Drop and try to arrive so we can be at least near the front–definitely don’t have to be at the very front, but want to try to get at least one headliner done before normal park time. What would people suggest?? Thanks for any input!!

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When we were there we would leave our room 90 minutes before the park opened to us.

We were never at the very front of the line but we didn’t have to wait long at all for our first ride.

We waited for the bus. We waited for them to let us in the park. We waited for them to let us into the “land”. Then we were near the front of the line for the ride.

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Our experience last week
7:30AM open at AK we were there before 7:00AM and were quite a ways back. That said, we were on and off FOP in 35 mins including walking. We drove.

MK was 8:30AM open and we were on bus at 7AM. On and off 7DMT by 8:40AM

EP was 8:00 AM open. We stayed at hotel til we got our LL, BG1, ILL and in parking lot by 7:10AM driving ourselves. Was making our car at TT at 8:02AM

HS opened at 8:00 and they let us in at 7:36 and we progressed directly to queues until open. Arrived in parking lot at 7:08AM

All stayed opening times were ETPE.


[quote=“blemon, post:3, topic:87929”] We were never at the very front of the line but we didn’t have to wait long at all for our first ride.

This is a great point.
I just shared this in my TR thread.

Ok. this is something I wanted to come back to, regarding multiple opportunities to “fix” an imperfect start.

The first line is at the bus. Even though we were the first on the bus, we weren’t the first off the bus. Those standing exited before us.
Once off, some are solo. Some have strollers. Some have impaired walkers.
There is the queuing for security, and then lines at the taps. There are many opportunities, to pick better, or worse, lines. And then the walking from there can shift positions, as can where you decide to commit for rope drop.

So - we got off the bus and power walked and didn’t get stopped for bag check at security. We picked a terrible group to be behind waiting to get in, and we got right around them after we tapped in. We cruised down Main Street for the RD at Fantasyland, where we were in a decent, but not best, position for getting on 7DMT.