Early morning hours extended through September

I have a preRD ADR for CRT set for 9/20 and Disney is now offering the early morning magic package that day. How badly will this affect my touring plan for that day and will the TPs be adjusted to account for this?

It probably won’t affect your TP much if at all. My understanding is the Fantasy Package is relatively low numbers in the parks early and only 3 rides. If anything, I’d say it might make sense to FP 7DMT and Peter Pan rather than riding them at rope drop as those rides might have lines left over from the Magic guests. Instead hit the other headliners early and use FP+ for those later in the day.

I’d presume TPs will adjust for that, but the real question is do they have enough data on the Magic package and how it affects waits, if it does actually affect them at all…

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