Early morning dining at MK

We’re booked to go Easter Week and I know the park will be ver busy. I’m hoping to get 8am breakfast at Crystal Palace (traveling w/ toddlers who love Pooh). After breakfast, my optimized touring plan has us crossing Main Street to go all the way to Dumbo first then to Buzz Lightyear then to Fantasyland… does this really make sense given the crowds? Wouldn’t Adventureland first then Fantasyland make more sense?

What day Easter week? Or are you talking on Easter?

The plan is looking at total wait times for the full day. If you don’t like the way it’s making you criss cross - which can be a bit excessive - you can copy your plan, then change the order manually, and evaluate. It leaves things in the same order and just tells you how long it will take. Then you’ve got a comparison. It might be that doing it your way means 1 minute extra waiting, which makes no difference at all.

You can try setting it to minimise walking as well, if you haven’t, but I never find it makes a lot of difference. It still sends me all over the park!


The plan is MK Thursday before Easter

Agree with missoverexcited.

Also agree that’s a lot of cross crossing with toddlers. I make a plan then move things to order a little better to minimize walking a lot.
If the wait time are a lot more then you’ll still have your old plan if you copy first.

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Thanks for the advice, I changed my mind on the breakfast reservation in hopes of actually gaining some early morning time in the park. We’re now getting breakfast at Be Our Guest to put us right in Fantasyland - hopefully that means we beat some crowds. We can always meet Pooh outside of his ride, right? :slight_smile: