Early Morning Bus

I know Disney transportation from the resorts to the park start 45 minutes prior to park opening.

I have passes for the Wild African Trek at 8:00 am and I am being told we need to be there by 7:45 am.
Animal Kingdom does not open till 9 am that day.

I assume I need to find an alternate way to get to the park?
Any other suggestions?

There is normally an Early ADR bus that leaves much earlier than the normal transportation starts but it will be hard to get someone to pin down a time for you. Typically it’s about 2 and half hours before opening since ADR’s start an hour before. It’s not on the official schedule though so it makes me nervous lol. If I were you I’d just plan to take a cab. They aren’t super expensive on property and it’ll give you peace of mind.

I’m planning to Uber to my Pre-RD breakfast at CM. I wouldn’t chance it with a bus that might arrive that early.

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Would you all suggest the same for Early Morning Magic?

You would be fine with the bus for EMM. Just get to the bus stop a good hour before EMM. Depends where you are staying.

If you have not used an Uber before your first ride is free for up to $20. I did a little looking around on the app and it should not cost you any more than $10 for an Uber. :slight_smile: Good luck!