Early March 2016 crowds

Promised my adult daughter I would take her to WDW 2016 (previous 6-7 trips all family, this will be father-daughter at Yacht Club). I notice fairly large crowds predicted second week of March. Beside flower and garden show, what gives? Also note deluxe resort discount 25%,not the usual30%.??

Spring break crowds, maybe? Easter is early this year, so some areas may be taking break earlier than usual.

Seems way to early for spring break

Here in Texas a lot of schools have spring break March 12-20, that’s when we are headed to Disney. Last trip was August 2009 so I’m assuming worse crowds but hopefully cooler weather!

I think March is typically crowded because of all the different spring breaks across the country - usually throughout the 2nd and 3rd week of the month. Easter is March 27 so that week is extra busy too.
We will be there the first week so hopefully those numbers stay relatively low!

I went on the WDW site to book first week in March using AOL. Got up to the part where they ask who is traveling(room etc completed), then site froze. Chat said us Internet explorer. I immediately switched, no rooms available. Called reservations no help. Will try again later.

My daughter goes to school in Eastern PA and her spring break is that week: March 7th thru 11th.

Wound up booking 3/4-3/9 via phone. Could not complete online booking via website. Tried AOL, I.E., Safari. Finally gave up and called. Done.

Our Spring Break is March 7-11 and we are in Texas. We arrive March 4, as our two oldest have a band trip and they get to march in the parade on Sunday afternoon at MK!

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I have a marching band “kid” myself. She never had the chance to perform in Disney, the band couldn’t raise enough money. Enjoy your trip and the band’s performance!