Early Magic Hours or Not


As we approach 60 days from our trip, I am torn on which of my plans to proceed with for our trip, touring April 19-22.

My primary dilemma is whether to capitalize on Early Magic Hours at Epcot (4) on 4/21 and Magic Kingdom (7) on 4/22 or whether to take advantage of lower crowd day at Magic Kingdom (5) on 4/21.


The answer to this is: it depends. If you are going to take full advantage of the mEMH (i.e. be at the parks before RD so that you get in right away) and you have a good optimized TP then I would say go for it. If this is not the case, then I would advise avoiding the mEMH parks.

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I know some will disagree, but I am a devotee of mEMH.

I would say take advantage of the morning extra magic for mk, but i agree with @brklinck of you are not going to be there before the early rope drop i would skip it.

Thanks all. I am torn because Iā€™d like to do Fantasmic one night but am not sure how my daughter will rebound. My husband is all for EMH.

Ok, we decided to do the EMH. Now what to plan that morning. We are going to MK on Tuesday, and have an 8:05 reservation at BOG. Last time I was there, we were able to be the first riders in the first car of 7 Dwarfs.

However, I am wondering if we are doing to EMH MK later in the week, whether we should save some of the Fantasyland items until then. Any hints on how to divide an conquer the park? We plan on leaving the park after the 3pm parade on Tuesday. We plan on leaving the park when it feels crowded on the EMH day.