EARLY Magic Hours at Disney World Parks

I read through similar threads, but nothing recent. If we’re not participating in the paid Early Morning Magic at a park, should we avoid the park that day?



There are a very limited number of tickets for EMM. We have done it and there only a few hundred people participating. I don’t think it has much impact on the day time crowds. The only thing is that if you have a PPO breakfast (say at BOG) that day they typically won’t let you ride 7DMT until actual park opening. On days without EMM there are reports of people riding a few minutes before PO.


Dreamer has it right - it’s a non-event as far as the park goes as a few hundred people is a drop in the bucket. Only real impact is with a BOG PPO you won’t get to ride at 8:45 but will have to wait until 9:00 - although you will still beat the RD crowd so it can be good for a quick 7DMT ride…


Are we talking about Early Morning Magic or Extra Magic Hours?

I keep hearing that it is good to book your PPO BOG on EMM day because then you are guaranteed the opening hour won’t get bumped back to 8 which would make a 8am breakfast less than ideal. You still are in position to beat RD crowd to ride 7D or PP

I was assuming early morning magic. Extra magic would impact crowds.

Agreed - one would, the other likely not. But “early magic hours” seems to be mixing two different phrases.

That actually is a really good point. They wouldn’t change hours to open at 8 on a EMM day.

I think the “paid” part was the key for me that they meant EMM rather than EMH. Not that those 2 TLAs are close or anything… :rofl:

What? You don’t just read the title and then skim through the details? :slight_smile:

My mistake.

Early Morning Magic - ticketed event.

Yes, early Morning magic.

Thanks for all the help. We are non-resort guests, going to Disney World parks for five days the last week of September. I’ve been trying to dodge the EXTRA magic hours, and this EARLY morning magic threw me for a loop! (Haven’t been to Disney in quite awhile!) It was starting to look like there were no “best” days to visit a park.

Thanks again!