Early Magic Hour - avoid or use?

I am looking at historic calendars for the dates we are visiting WDW next year.

Friday 30th of June actual crowd levels

MK 5
EP 5
HS 7
AK 5

Early magic hour at MK that morning. Many other days the impact is negligible making me think that actually, EMH are one benefit that is no longer bad idea as it was years ago. I noticed the same or similar for the 14 days we plan to visit, either no impact or 1 ±

What is your view on EMH? Use or avoid?

100% use, imo. Especially if you have hoppers. In June, I’d use them to get in early and get things done, so I can go enjoy the hotel pool for a break when It’s hotter.

If you are staying onsite and have parkhoppers, definitely. Knock out some of the most popular attractions during EMH ropedrop, stay ahead of the non-resort crowds if possible, then leave late morning because it is going to get crowded and head to a park that doesn’t have EMH that day. Consider setting up FPs for the afternoon in the new park.
If you don’t have hoppers, leave as described above late morning, then head back in the late afternoon when the crowds start to disperse. Consider FPs for the afternoon evening.
If you aren’t staying on site, avoid all EMH days. The prevalent theory is the day after an EMH day is often a good time to visit a park.

If off site, avoid AM EMH. I always stay on site, and try to do as many AM EMHs as possible. Although I always have hoppers, I’ve never felt the need to use them due to crowds (although I do sometimes use them for “planned” hops).