Early Lunch at MK or Monorail Resorts

Our Day 2 consists of EMH at Magic Kingdom and we intend to be there for RD, then leave around 11am. We are staying at GF. What is a good lunch spot for an early lunch (~11am) at either Magic Kingdom or along the Monorail (including GF)?

Extra notes: We are doing Epcot late afternoon with an 8:10pm ADR at Spice Road**. I ate at Liberty Tree and Columbia Harbour Hour (Keys to the Kingdom tour) in March and don’t need to eat there again (both were good!) if there are better options elsewhere. NOT BOG. Also, planning on doing a Monorail bar crawl at some point (my Mom doesn’t know this yet, Dad-if you see this don’t tell her) which will likely include Wave, Trader Sams and/or Tambu, so I would like to skip those for lunch as well.

ETA I got my days confused, we are doing Epcot that afternoon, not AK

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Well, it’s not along the monorail, but it’s a boat ride from MK - we’ve done Whispering Canyon for a lunch break from MK a few times and really like it. You’ll want to get that ADR right for 11am (shouldn’t be hard) and pick one of the lighter options, or split something. Otherwise, Captain Cook’s quick service at the Poly gets high marks.

With such an early dinner, I’d want to eat something light for lunch. So, and I hope you don’t mind my bypassing your request for monorail/MK ideas, why not head straight to Sanaa at Kidani in the Animal Kindgom Lodge? Watch the animals on the savannah as you eat, be really close to DAK which is where you are heading anyway, and maybe just get the bread service with all the dips.

Not as exciting alternates (but still good) include the the Skipper Canteen (which I have not tried) or Kona w/ perhaps a dole whip or shave ice from the nearby Pineapple Linae. I hear Pecos Bill is a solid pick. Of the CS at the three monorail resorts, the Captain Cooks menu is my fav. It was updated in the last year and has a few unique items. And, I’m curious to try the hot dogs over at Gasparilla: different dogs are served depending on the day of the week.