Early June vs. Late June

I always thought that early June was preferable to avoid crowds, but looking at the crowd forecast (June 3-7 vs. June 27th-July1st)…later actually looks better. Even with the opening of Pixar Pier at the end of June, will crowds really be that light (4-6 out of 10)? Is it because of the higher tiered pricing that the crowds are lower Fri/Sat/Sun?

We are really flexible, so I can move our dates around, but I wondered if the crowd forecast is likely to change much for those last few days of June?

If anyone has input, I’d love to hear it.


My instinct tells me that it will be more crowded that the tracker is indicating due to Pixar pier opening, but I may be wrong. I would pick which ever fits better for your travel and just plan on crowds either way. That is how I am approaching it for our mid July visit. Hit it hard in the morning and break from noon to 5 and the head back to the parks to to close them down.

^^ This, so much this ^^

DL is really hard to predict due to the percentage of the crowd make-up owing to the fact that it’s in densely populated SoCal & if you live there it’s much easier to swing by on a whim than planning a trip around it. And let’s face it, if I lived in SoCal I too would ALWAYS have a pass that allowed me to go as much as I possibly could afford to go.

That being said, I do think that with the re-structure of DL annual passes that was done a couple of years ago, when there are passholder blockouts, you can feel a (positive) impact in the crowd levels, so you can choose to pay attention to when there are the most blockouts & hope that you are rewarded with less crowds, but that also means there are more tourists (not a bad thing, just there’s give & take whenever you go).

Our philosophy is to just to go when can fit it into our life & enjoy what we can when we are there & if it’s crazy busy we do exactly as @carthy15 does & hit the parks hard in the morning, rest in the afternoon & come back around 5 to close it down. You’re not missing much but crowds (and in the summer/fall heat) in that middle of the day part. And if you’re direly opposed to midday breaks, there are plenty of spaces to find rest to keep going among the crowds (Tiki Room, Lincoln, Star Wars Launch Bay, Star Wars Path of the Jedi, Hungry Bear Restaurant, ride the train in a loop or even 2, Animation Academy, Frozen Show at the Hyperion, Sunset Showcase Theater in Hollywood land, Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, the lobby of the GCH, Flo’s Cafe back patio for a view of RSR or indoors for AC, also Winnie the Pooh & Ariel’s tend to have shorter(ish) waits even with higher crowds & both are dark rides indoor (i.e. 5-8 minutes of air-conditioning).

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